YouTube Ads, a beginner’s guide

Published on - July 20, 2020 by hesk-digital

YouTube Ads are a great source of marketing that can help you effectively advertise your product or service to people who take an interest in your brand. YouTube is by far the biggest video platform on the internet, and its wide variety of channels and sophisticated targeting methods mean that finding an engaged audience is almost always possible.

At Hesk Digital, we have over a decade’s experience working with YouTube, and today we’re here to give you a brief intro into using Google Video Ads on the platform.

What are YouTube Ad campaigns?

YouTube Ad campaigns involve reaching out to potential consumers, resulting in long term gain for your business. You don’t need to be a technical genius to understand how these Ads work, with Google providing ample resources on how to implement them through the Google Ads interface.

A YouTube Ad campaign is an exciting and enticing visual that allows you to engage with your audience. YouTube is able to classify the different types of audiences in relation to different video creators. This classification allows you to effectively and accurately target the relevant audience for your product or service, based on channel, Interest, or even individual placement. Your YouTube Ad campaign can range between 5 seconds and a minute, giving you the flexibility to choose what best suits your advertisement. Shorter ads, however, have been shown to produce better results in many cases.

Different types of YouTube Ads

Video content has proven to be more engaging as it allows the user to connect and experience the ad personally. There are many different types of YouTube Ads available to use such as;

Different types of YouTube Ads
  • Skippable in-stream ads: these ads can be played before, during or after the video and can be skipped after 5 seconds of watching. This is the standard type of video ad.
  • Bumper ads: an ad at the start of a video that is up to 6 seconds long. It must be watched and is non-skippable. 
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: these ads are like bumpers, and can be played before, during, or after the video but cannot be skipped. They range between 6 to 15 seconds, allowing you to include a full message.
  • Masthead ads: this ad appears on the top of the YouTube home page. Taking up a large amount of space, they’re usually used for branding on high-traffic channels by businesses with large budgets.
YouTube Ads
  • Video discovery ads: these ads are displayed on the side of the relevant video, usually containing a thumbnail and short caption.

Each ad showcases a different feature that is incorporated to further enhance your campaign.

What are the benefits of YouTube Ads?

There are many benefits involved in the use of YouTube ads. Some of the main benefits are listed below;

  • Connecting with your audience – video ads allow you to create visually memorable moments, allowing your audience to connect on a personal level and providing a compelling description of what your product/service has to offer.
  • Reaching just the right audience – once you’ve identified your target audience, you can actually filter which customers you reach on YouTube through keywords, topics and demographics making your ads increasingly effective and accurate.
  • Creating a video campaign in only a few minutes – the process of creating an account and uploading a video ad is seamless and accessible.
  • Measuring your success – By linking your Google Ads account to your YouTube account, you’re able to analyse and track costs, views and budget details that are relevant to your video. This helps you understand whether you’re targeting the right audience or not, as well as finding out which videos your customers are engaging with.

A business ensures success through establishing a reputable brand as well as maintaining honesty and trust. Understanding your audience and engaging with them effectively through accurate targeting can help you maintain and grow that connection, driving conversions both directly and indirectly.

YouTube Ads provide you with a variety of options to undertake, making it suitable for anyone to utilise. You have options in regard to deciding which is the right campaign for you such as your take on sales, leads, website traffic, product and brand consideration and brand awareness and reach.

HESK Digital

If you’re just starting to learn about YouTube Ads, you might feel overwhelmed! But don’t worry, we have experts with over 10 years of experience at HESK Digital to help you and guide you through this journey.  YouTube Ads don’t only optimise your chances of creating long term growth and widening opportunities regarding customer conversions, but it also increases SEO authority for HESK Digital. We are Google Ads experts with great passion and dedication to meet the needs and wants of your consumers as well as the goals of your business.

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