Why is Google Ads Right for Your Business?

Published on - April 15, 2020 by hesk-digital
Google Ads

Let’s be frank; you’ve got a lot on your plate as a modern business owner. Sure, you have easier access to a worldwide audience than companies of the past, but it’s a benefit that comes at a price. After all, you’re expected to be on-call at all hours, and you’ve also got to dedicate untold amounts time to digital marketing madness like social media and, as we’ll be discussing here, Google ads.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising techniques like the aforementioned Google ads are, without a doubt, your best shot at affordable advertising that always hits the mark. If you don’t believe us, note that 90% of desktop searches happen on Google. That’s a big deal, and it’s a fact that proves, without doubt, that Google Ads are likely right for your business. All we need to do is consider why that’s the case.

What is Google Ads?

Let’s not get away with ourselves. First, it’s crucial to understand precisely what Google Ads are and how they relate to your business aims and objectives. In simplistic terms, Google Ads is an online advertising platform that applies to three key prongs in the Google umbrella – 

  • Google search network
  • Google display network
  • YouTube network

Using Google AdWords, paid advertisements on these platforms appear in search listings on Google itself, or across the display network. Most familiarly, these are the results that appear in the ‘sponsored’ section of any search you conduct on the platform.

To invest in Google Ads, companies must auction on keywords that ensure their ads are forever targeted towards the right audience for almost guaranteed returns on investment. Success here comes down to not only the bid a company places but also the Quality Score that Google gives them and their ad proposal. As such, companies with higher scores, achieved through impressive SEO or even the help of experienced Google Ads services, should, in theory, be able to win auctions for lower costs while ensuring higher exposure in the process.

And that, friends, is just the tip of the benefits that successful Google Ads can bring to companies large, small, and medium.

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The stats the prove the worth of Google Ads

Of course, you needn’t take our word for this. After all, few things better prove that Google Ads are worth your while than the statistics that continue to back them up across the online landscape. As we already touched on, 90% of internet searches now run through Google, a fact that’s highlighted by the 2.3 million searches performed on the platform every single second. You could say, then, that high user figures are a given by focusing your PPC efforts here as is further proven by the fact that – 

  • 90% of consumers say Google ads influence their purchases
  • 63% of people have previously clicked on a Google ad
  • 59% of people prefer to go online for purchase recommendations

Statistics regarding the cost efficiency of Google Ads are also well worth considering, proving as they do that this can be a cost-effective marketing method for companies at any stage of operations. Even when seeking outside help with effective PPC strategies, Google delivers an average 8:1 return, meaning that companies can expect to see as much as $8 back for every $1 they spend.

What’s more, individuals in industries such as travel and hospitality, and e-commerce can enjoy cost per click (CPC) rates as low as $1.16 across Google’s search engine, alongside conversion rates that are as high as 75% on average. Admittedly, this amount does rise to a slightly increased $6.75 for legal services, but the returns on offer still make this an incredibly affordable undertaking that most businesses would benefit from utilising.

The benefits your company can expect from Google Ads

Speaking of benefits, these also deserve a look-in when it comes to understanding why Google Ads are right for you. Luckily, there are a whole host of benefits worth thinking about here, and they’re each standing the test of time despite an ever-changing online marketing landscape. Some of the most notable plus-points from perfecting your PPC campaign on this all-important flourishing platform include –

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Budget suitability

Given that we’ve just spoken about the cost benefits of focusing your efforts here, it makes sense to start this list by discussing the budget suitability that Google Ads offer across business landscapes. Unlike more expensive marketing undertakings, PPC campaigns have the significant benefit of being suitable for all budgets. That’s because you only ever bid as much as you have in your marketing pot. By making sure to target the right keywords and keeping your Quality Score high, you can, therefore, keep this already modest marketing undertaking at a minimum. Plus, as the name suggests, you only actually pay when people click, meaning that there’s far less chance of a wasted budget or an unequal ROI, a point that you can further ensure with the fantastic measurability on offer (more on that later).

Targeted ads at all times

Based as they are on relevant keywords, Google Ads also ensures that your ads are forever well-targeted at just the right times. Instead of appearing to your prime audience at random when your products are unlikely to be on their minds, your Google Ad will appear only when consumers are already searching for products like yours. This means Google is already doing half the work, and that’s why people who click on these ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase. Even better, this is a benefit you can take to the next level by utilising the ability to decide when, where, and on what devices your ads will appear.

Measurable and optimisable ads

Being able to measure the progress of any online marketing effort is fundamental for ensuring returns, tracking campaigns alongside your business objectives, and generally tweaking things for maximum success. Luckily, these are benefits that PPC ads always bring to the table, with Google Ads, in particular, making it possible to view a vast range of analytics, including conversions, costs, where visits are coming from, and a great deal besides. 

Increased brand exposure 

It’s also worth noting that Google Ads bring the undeniable benefit of increased brand exposure that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. This is fundamental for new businesses but can also prove invaluable for audience boosts no matter where you are in your journey. This is especially the case when many companies now rely on customer loyalty built through platforms like social media. Sadly, these methods often depend on consumers already having some idea of who you are/what you do. With PPC Google campaigns, however, you can reach audiences who wouldn’t otherwise know to search for you. And, you can enjoy that 75% average conversion rate from doing so.

Immediate results

Let us not forget, either, that Google Ads offers immediate results that are a far cry from the long-winded marketing options you might be using right now. In fact, many companies can see results from their efforts here in days rather than years, with ads appearing at the forefront of searches within hours of a successful auction.

Retargeting capabilities

We’ve already discussed the benefits of finding new customers off the back of Google Ads, but how does acquisition fare in this marketing landscape? Not too badly, we would say, considering that retargeting is also a significant benefit of focusing your efforts here. Both Google Network and Google Search make it possible for your ads to appear in searches for consumers who have visited you in the past but didn’t convert for some reason. This is fantastic news, as it keeps your company at the forefront of their minds, and makes it far more likely that they’ll return down the line to buy whatever it was from you that caught their eye in the first place.

Planning your path to Google PPC Ads at last

We could honestly talk all day about the benefits of Google Ads for your bottom line, but we’re going to assume you’ve got the idea by now. Instead, then, let’s wrap things up by considering the various ways that you can implement Google Ad campaigns moving forward.

Luckily, this is nowhere near the complex undertaking that might assume off the back of your marketing efforts elsewhere. Entrusting experienced outside companies with this task means that you can sit back and enjoy increased returns with no efforts on your part. All you need to do to make sure of ROI every time is to get your head around key business indicators such as –

  • Target audience
  • Current profit margins
  • Ad logistics
  • Your display network targeting
  • Any discounts/offers
  • Your call to action
  • Etc.

If everything you’ve read so far has got you chomping at the bit to start selling with Google Ads today, then please, don’t hesitate to contact Hesk Digital on 1300 088 544 today. With customised PPC campaigns for Google and beyond, we really do have what it takes to boost your business with the above benefits and more in mind.

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