What do advertisers think of the new Facebook layout?

Published on - October 20, 2020 by hesk-digital

Do you want your Facebook layout to return to what it was before? Do you like the new format? How can you learn to utilise the new layout as a marketer? Changes to the design of Facebook have now been made, and they’re here to stay. A redesign to the layout is the newest update to Facebook and will be enforced to all users. Facebook has warned that the old-style layout has disappeared along with the update. There is no way to switch back.

While it’s true that the new update has received backlash and mixed views, it is with no doubt that Facebook is a great place to run ad campaigns. So, this means you need to learn how to use the new layout best. 

At HESK Digital, we keep up to date with technological and marketing developments on all platforms. We’ve seen changes to the layout of social media platforms numerous times, but how can you as a digital marketer, keep up to date and best utilise those changes?

New Features and Changes

With this new update, we’ve seen some new features, but we’ve also seen some reshuffling with the placement of certain features. Explained below are the new features and where you can find the existing features which have moved.

An update to the sidebars

If you’re looking for anything on Facebook in particular, and we mean anything. Have a look down the left side on Facebook’s sidebar. Clicking the ‘’see more’’ icon will provide you with many more options that you can easily access on the platform. So, if you’re looking for literally anything on Facebook, a good place to start would be with the extended list of options provided on the left-hand side of the Facebook interface. Although many people have shown their dissatisfaction with the fact that the list is not alphabetised, it is likely that Facebook has ordered the list in terms of importance. See the image below for the list.

Short cuts

A useful feature for digital marketers to customise and personalise the icons on Facebook is the ‘your shortcuts’ section. Locate this on the left-hand side of your screen on the left drop bar. From there, hover over ‘your shortcuts’ and click on ‘Edit’. At this stage, Facebook will provide you with shortcuts based on the pages, games and groups that you’re most likely to visit and have visited prior. As a marketer, utilising this feature will save you time in the long run. By editing your shortcuts, you can pin any shortcuts of your liking to the top of the list. For an update that some advertisers and Facebook users are calling messy and unorganised, this feature will make getting used to the new layout a bit easier.

A mix of old and new

In an update where users have to use the new layout regardless of their opinions, Facebook may have some explaining to do to help users navigate. Many of the links on the sidebar lead to non-updated pages on Facebook. Whilst, for the most part, most Facebook pages have been updated to the new design, a few have not. This can make using certain pages a bit more complicated, as some pages have more features and setting customisation as opposed to others. Group admins and advertisers have complained about the inconsistencies regarding the new design. As a Facebook user and marketer, you should be navigating the pages you use regularly and may need to use in the future to understand whether they follow the new or old Facebook design. This will save you time in the long run.

The new top navigation icons

Given that we already have the sidebar for links to everywhere on Facebook and shortcuts for the links you use regularly, we have another link related feature. The Facebook redesign has seen five icons appear on a top navigation bar at the top of your page. This is one of the most beneficial and consistent features added with this update. The first involves a link to your news feed; the second icon will redirect you to a watch section for all things video related. The third icon links you to Facebook Marketplace, the fourth and fifth relate to Facebook groups and Facebook Gaming. As a marketer, you should be optimistic about the quick link to Facebook Marketplace. Whilst many users are aware of Facebook Marketplace, many still haven’t come across it. With Facebook placing the feature on its most important list, those who use the marketplace can reach your ads better; those who are unaware but are curious are now in a better position to come across products and services you may have listed on the Facebook marketplace.

The Chat Bar

With the old Facebook layout, hiding the chat bar on the right sidebar was an option. With this update, this, unfortunately, is not an option. If you do wish to reduce the visual clutter on your Facebook page, navigating to the three-dot icon on the right of ‘’contacts’’ and turning off ‘’show contacts’’ will reduce how much of the chat bar is showing. On top of this, turning off active status is an option if you wish to be silent. However, as a digital marketer, the chat bar should be your best friend and should never be hidden. The fact that Facebook has made it a more visible element can be utilised by marketers to provide better communication channels with potential leads. Never missing an enquiry regarding your ads or to a product or service you are running an ad campaign for has never been easier. On top of this, users who enquire regarding a product or service will never miss your response. While everyday users may have reason to see it as inconvenient, a digital marketer should be utilising this change.

Creating Content Faster

One of the features added which marketers will benefit from includes the new ‘’plus’’ icon in the top right of the Facebook interface. This new feature provides a list of shortcuts that users and marketers can use to create new content, groups and pages. Instead of having to navigate different sections of Facebooks for content creation, it’s all condensed into one plus icon. While many users have complained about the consistency and useability of the new Facebook design, there is nothing that you can’t get used to using on the platform. As a digital marketer, in a way, Facebook has provided you with a better chance of reaching out to potential customers and increasing your conversion rate.

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