What are people searching for during COVID?

Published on - September 22, 2020 by hesk-digital

We have all been affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another and COVID-19 search trends is the new norm . Not only has it changed the way we carry out our day to day activities, but it has changed the behaviour of online users. With most people working from home and strict lockdowns hindering the freedom of our day to day activities, it’s no wonder that our priorities and our online behaviour have changed. 

The Shift to Online

Through analysing Google search trends, Hesk Digital has discovered that there has been an increase in online searches and a change in search trends. COVID-19 search trends is spiking in every country on how to avoid inflicting severe inflation. The questions a business owner should be asking is: What are these changes, and how can a business understand and implement changes to be in line with the change of behaviour?


COVID-19 search trends

Whether it’s a work meeting, an informal meeting or a university tutorial, there has been a massive shift to virtual meetings. Although the peak of virtual meetings search has peaked, the volume of searches is still extremely high. 


With a massive spike during the initial stages of lockdown, virtual dating has been highly searched for. With theatres and restaurants closed, people are unable to attend dating related activities and live events. This has led to many people using virtual dating to meet people.


Similar to the increase of searches for virtual dating, virtual worship has also spiked. The closure of places of religious worship has led to many people attending online services and prayers. You can find COVID-19 search trends everywhere in the internet either religion of politic news.

Home workouts

Another lockdown related spike in searches includes home workouts. With gyms being closed and people not being able to leave their houses, home workouts are sought after.

How can a marketer utilise this shift?

This shift to online meetings and sources of information can be utilised by business. For example, the searches for services have especially spiked. Companies can utilise this trend by providing interactive websites and more personal meeting style advertisements. Rather than simple lead forms, marketers can arrange virtual meetings or interactive webinars with leads and customers to provide advice and sell products. While the change in behaviour is interesting, it provides for a new challenge for business owners and digital markets to master.

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