Using Personas And Demographics To Find And Target Your Customers

Published on - July 20, 2020 by hesk-digital

Here at Hesk Digital, we know that creating a strategic marketing plan is a great way to make your marketing efforts easier and more effective. And a great step to creating a world class strategy is developing your Persona building game.

Customers, nowadays, are expecting more personalised experiences when browsing through sites. Using personas and demographics allows you to be able to truly connect to customers and their intents, bringing your ability to target audiences and drive effective traffic to your site to new heights.

What is a persona?

A persona is a fictional character designed to hold common goals of many users, representing similar patterns in behaviours and interests. Personas help marketers, businesses and technical SEO specialists analyse primary and secondary sources, ensuring successful audience targeting.

Customer targeting personas and demographics

How to create and utilise a persona?

In order to conduct successful audience targeting, a persona can be developed to assist in the process. Personas result from five research methods:

1. Demographic – conveys the structure of the population.

2. Ethnographic – relates to the study of users going about their daily routines.

3. Transactional – showcases statistics in regard to a customer relationship established in the past.

4. Psychographic – focuses on opinions, values, aspirations, interests, lifestyles and attitudes.

5. Behavioural – gathers data through user interaction with websites.

These research methods help marketers and other interested parties identify exactly how to conduct their audience targeting strategies.

In some instances, the use of an anti-persona allows you to create the exact opposite of your desired persons, giving you an insight to who wouldn’t be your targeted audience. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will completely ignore these users and block them from using your services or products, but it just allows you to discover what you should and shouldn’t be focusing on. It gives you more insight into who you should target your marketing efforts to.

What are demographics?

Finding the demographics of the relevant audiences allow businesses and marketers to find exactly who they need to target. Demographics are breakdowns of market segmentation in relation to gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, education and income. By separating and understanding the several different markets through demographic segmentation, organisations are then able to more accurately target their customers. Demographics are used to help you identify the type of personas you want to engage with. Conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis’ gives insight into relevant information about customers such as revenue and engagement information.

How do demographics and Persona’s benefit a marketing plan?

Utilising a demographic analysis as part of a marketing plan allows you to optimise your marketing efforts by allowing you to easily mock up audience targeting and test different copy based on your Personas’ intentions and pain points.

For example, You may have determined that your e-commerce cosmetics site attracts young professionals from age 21-28 and older upper-middle-class women from 35-45. While the first are prone to impulse buying, the second tend to buy larger volumes but with a longer delay from first exposure to your brand.

A great tactic would be to serve Social Ads to the first demographic with a discount code, driving conversions directly. While with the second, an initial brand exposure ad, followed by a robust remarketing effort offering discounts and free delivery over a certain purchase amount might be more effective. Both can then be put on different marketing lists for their respective messaging.

These tools aren’t only great for helping businesses accurately conduct audience targeting through audience demographics and marketing personas, but it also gives organisations the ability to become more cost-effective, aiming to reach economies of scale. By knowing who you want to target and how, Personas and demographics lower costs, drive conversion rates, and increase attention.

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