How to troubleshoot Your Shopping Ads

Published on - October 23, 2020 by hesk-digital

Why aren’t my products showing up on Google Shopping? Why do my products keep getting disapproved? These are common questions and issues amongst digital marketers. When it comes to Google shopping, it is crucial to set up everything correctly to ensure your product ad displays properly and drives conversions.

Google’s shopping ad feature continues to grow rapidly. Google invests many resources into Google Shopping, as 60% of Google clicks are attributed to shopping. So, continually improving and updating your Google ad’s for your products is critical for the success of your Shopping ad campaigns. 

The problem is that many digital marketers make simple and common mistakes which leads to their products either not displaying to the right customers, or not showing at all. Below are some simple tips on how to troubleshoot your ads, as well as some tips on how to generally optimise this feature to maximise the outreach of your product.

The Minimum Requirements for a Product Feed

Before attempting to resolve any issues with your shopping ads, make sure you have satisfied all of the minimum fields required for a product feed. There are no exceptions when it comes to the minimum fields required, ensuring that you have satisfied all of the fields should be the first thing you do when creating Google Shopping ads. The minimum fields required include:

  • A landing page
  • The price
  • The brand
  • The availability
  • GTIN
  • MPN
  • Shipping

Check and confirm your information

Google is very particular about the data required and the format it is presented in. Double-checking your information upon receiving a disapproval should be the first place to look. While you should check that you have met the requirements for a product feed, you need to ensure that it is accurate. This may include updating your Google shopping feed regularly. If your information is inaccurate or even outdated, there are certain quick fixes. These include:

Product Title Improvement

One of the easiest and most effective fixes is ensuring that your product title is accurate and of good quality. A good title is considered to be 70 characters or less. A short and concise title has a higher chance of reaching the intended audience as Google show your ads based off of search terms which relate to your ad title. If your title is too long or not relevant, you will struggle to gain sufficient reach. One way to ensure relevance is ensuring that your product title simply states the brand, the title of the product and the dimensions. For example, Adidas Superstars Women’s Size 7 Sneaker Shoes.

If you don’t have good brand recognition, try a title that is closely related to the general product category people search for.

Product Descriptions and search terms

If your product title information isn’t as relevant as it could be, chances are your description is also way off. Your description is where you make sure you’re targeting all the right keywords. 

Google allows for 5000 characters but for an accurate ad description, you should stick to the region of 500 characters, including keywords. This ensures that your product is relevant to the right customers. In addition, ensure that you’ve accurately included important search terms into your description. This involves the features, colours, design, size and attributes of the product.

Generally, fixing this is a simple job. If your description is inaccurate or poorly done, your product won’t reach the right customers. Writing specific, accurate descriptions will lead to Google associating your products with the relevant keywords that will reach the customers you intend.

Requesting reapproval

If your Google ad has been disapproved, you have the option to request for reapproval for specific product disapprovals for manual approval. This is the fastest way of attempting to resolve the issue. If your product has been rejected for reapproval by Google, you should seek out the reason for disapproval from a Google Ads representative. Below are some reasons for disapproval and how to fix it.

Promotional overlay on the image

In this case, search your feed and product images and locate watermarks and logos and upload a new image. Once uploading a new image, if this is the only error, you may request for reapproval.

The processing failed [image link]

This should also be a simple fix. Firstly try reprocessing your feed. If this fails, update or change the link image within your feed.

The image is too small

When it comes to apparel products, ensure that the image size you are using is 250×250. When it comes to non-apparel products, use 100×100 pixel size images. If your images currently do not fit the sizing requirements, you will need to resize your images before requesting approval.

Image not retrieved [crawl rate too slow]

Adding alt tags to images should increase the crawl rate in Google Search Console. It’s not the most straightforward fix, but adding alt tags should do the job.

Technical issues and Product ID’s

Many marketers have run into the issue whereby their main products are disapproved and caught in an automatic known technical issue filter. While it affects multiple marketers, there is no manual method to resolve the issue. If your product has been disapproved, unfortunately you may have fallen into this category. 

You have one of two options in this case. Firstly, you can wait for Google to resolve the issue. Secondly, you may have to change your product ID and the description of the product. While this will erase the product history and the quality score for the specific product, you will be able to reupload it.

The only way to find out whether you’ve been affected by a technical issue is by contacting and asking a Google rep.

Google shopping help page

If you are generally confused about the reason for disapproval regarding your product in Google shopping, there is a help page for you. When entering the help page on a client account, there is an option to chat with a phone option. When it comes to resolving an issue, sometimes no matter how many articles or guides you refer to, nothing helps. If you find yourself at a crossroad with your issue, the option to contact a Google rep to help you resolve your issue is there.

Products which require manual approvals

You’ll sometimes find that some products will always get caught in an automatic filter which results in disapproval. Many SEO experts believe it is due to the industry, pricing, or even some specifically used keywords in the description. For example, some products have Minimum Advertised Pricing policies which are attached to their marketing. In this case, your product may have fallen into a category of consistent automatic disapprovals. In this case, submit your products for approval manually. This involves getting in contact with a Google rep. They’ll help you resolve the issue ASAP


While receiving disapprovals regarding your advertisements on Google shopping, most of the issues have a quick fix. There are many avenues discussed within this article for marketers to troubleshoot and resolve any disapprovals. Ultimately, you could be lucky with a simple fix, or you could fall into the unfortunate ‘’known technical issue’’ category and potentially have to restart the marketing for your product. Either way, there are known methods to resolve simple issues, and there are the Google reps who can assist with troubleshooting the disapproval.

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