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Published on - July 30, 2020 by hesk-digital

Local SEO helps businesses not only promote their services and products but also assists businesses in attracting and converting local customers to their brand. Gathering accurate information regarding local searches is an important step when setting up your local SEO, so make sure you’ve set up your analytics and reporting correctly first. 

Search engines such as Google and Bing rely on a number of factors when ranking Local SEO These factors include signals based on local content, social profiles, citations, and links to provide the most applicable and relevant local results to the intended target market.

Local Search Results

Small to Medium Businesses and Enterprises.

For small-to-medium enterprises or businesses that have frequent brick-and-mortar traffic, optimising their websites’ local SEO Is a great strategy for driving more traffic to your business from your local area. Local SEO provides your site with the means to reach potential customers who are both interested in your service and located within range.

Steps to Follow.

When setting up a site’s local SEO, various factors should be considered to achieve the best possible SEO outcome. First and foremost, a business should set up their Google My Business account. This will give you a platform to install location, contact, and other data that lets you properly manage your local SEO in a single place. 

Your My Business should include information such as the phone number, location, email address and trading hours. This will help Google show your results on Google Maps and other search results when people search within your suburb.

Best Practice when setting up a good My Business implementation is to brainstorm a long, unique and informative business description formatted to clearly target the specified target market. This will increase your Webpage’s relevance, helping it rank for your product or service niche.

Other steps to take when setting up local SEO include choosing the correct category for your specific business and uploading a variety of photos that demonstrate what the business offers. 

SEO Optimisation.

Local SEO optimisation differs depending on the businesses market niche and goals. If your business intends to optimise a service area that the company is not physically located in, the main tool to strategise is content. Contrastingly, the strategy differs if your company is physically in the targeted service area. Your company should focus on differentiating themselves and their services from other competitors within the region. 

HESK Digital.

Here at HESK Digital, we have decades of experience in the industry of Digital Marketing and SEO optimisation. Our Google SEO Experts have assisted dozens of clients in setting up their local SEO. The Hesk Digital team are specialists in optimising Google My Business, Schema Markup, On-Page location targeting content, and other Local ranking factors. Contact us today and see how we can take your business from Local to Global.

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