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Google Ads And Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Learn About Pay Per Click Marketing Strategy

Pay Per Click or PPC refers to a paid advertising method, which is utilised for search engine marketing. In this SEM model, the advertiser is only required to pay when online users interact with their advertising through clicks or impressions. The right PPC campaign lets you earn quality leads, which in turn ensures a huge return on investment for your PPC efforts.

Pay per Click advertising is quite common in Google or Bing SERPs. These are the web pages where you can see the word “Ad” before the website URL. Although it is common in search engine results pages, PPC may also be on social media channels.

So, why invest in pay per click ads in the first place? The overflowing proven benefits of using PPC ads are reasons enough for you to consider it in your digital marketing campaign.

Keywords have become quite competitive. This trend makes it harder for your business website to have the top ranking on search engine results pages especially if it has not established domain authority yet. It is also difficult to do the same on a social platform.

Whats Trending In PPC

Running an effective PPC campaign requires you to choose an effective platform. The most popular and proven platforms ensure huge ROI for digital marketers and their efforts. The latest trend, however, is that even social media platforms are now joining the bandwagon.

Here are some of the trending strategies in the pay per click category:

Google Marketing

  • · Ads in Google search.
  • · Highest traffic
  • · Highest Costs

Facebook Ads

  • · Ads in Facebook users feeds
  • · Cheap traffic
  • · Very targeted
  • · Getting saturated

Twitter Ads

  • · Cheap traffic
  • · Limited conversion metrics
  • · Specific customer base.

PPC Ads In Search Engines

Hand In Hand

PPC ads must compliment your search engine optimisation strategy and not replace it. That’s because when online users search for related keywords, search engines can display relevant ads to your target audience. In turn, this will ensure more clicks as well as greater chances of conversion.

In a competitive online market, rising to the top is quite a daunting task, with which paid advertising can help you with. It also helps you reach potential customers that are not even aware of your existence. It improves brand awareness, promotes your marketing initiative, and facilitates your ranking especially for difficult keyword terms.

PPC serves as an effective shortcut that can get your page to the top even in a competitive niche. Responsibly done paid advertising is an essential and integral part of your inbound marketing campaign.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customised PPC Strategy

How do you get started with an effective and successful pay per click advertising? Crafting a good quality pay per click campaign can be demanding and meticulous. HESK Digital can help you achieve the best results. The results can also give you a remarkable return on investment in no time. Ask yourself the following questions, and drop us a line so we can help you get started today.

Who are your target customers?
What is the theme of your PPC campaign?
What is the type of campaign you are planning to run?
How will you measure your success?

Before creating a PPC campaign, make sure that you are sure about some important components. Your campaign goal will direct your ad and determine which goal measurement method works best for you. Some of the most common goals for pay per click campaign include:

Brand Awareness  · Lead Generation  · Promotion and Sales

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