Organic Search Extensions: A Guide

Published on - July 22, 2020 by hesk-digital

If you’ve spent some time working with Go A plethora of organic search extensions exist, or SERP features, as they are now referred to. SERP features serve the purpose of answering queries as quickly as possible.

Featured snippets

  Featured snippets  - Organic Search Extensions

This feature appears below the paid ads but offers users content that most suited to their questions. The content is displayed in a text box usually including the page title and URL, images on the side and brief content that answers the query. 

Creating content that is specific and relevant to questions, understanding the types of questions your users are asking and making content high-quality and current are different ways to become a website that is displayed as a featured snippet. HESK Digitals SEO specialists are educated on how to get businesses to appear in these snippets. Visibility and increased traffic are the two main benefits of being featured and can be increased with the help of HESK Digital’s Team.

Knowledge panels 

This feature gathers information from several different sites and is commonly displayed to the right-hand side of the SERP page. It is very difficult for businesses to feature on the knowledge panel so implementing this SERP feature is challenging. However, a business can focus on ensuring their content is up to date as well as the information on their ‘google my business’. Google uses this information to create Knowledge Panels so if the information is kept current and high-quality, this will be beneficial in the long term. 

Local packs

Local packs Organic Search Extensions

When a query suggests the user wants to locate a business/location near them, Google creates a local pack at the top of the SERP with three businesses most suited to the query. Business name, number and address along with reviews, website links, directions and trading hours are all the information that will be given to users through the Local Packs. This feature is highly useful for businesses with a physical location, appearing here will bring increased traffic to one’s physical location.

Making sure that your business location is obvious, having high reviews and ensuring you provide the right information about the type of business you are, are three factors that may influence whether or not your business is featured in the local pack. 

Related Questions/People Also Ask Boxes (PAAB)

Related Questions/People Also Ask Boxes (PAAB)

This feature is a series of questions that Google believes are related to the query. Clicking on one of the questions displays a portion of the relevant content, similar to a featured snippet, containing the content, website link and website title. Click through rates may increase for businesses who find themselves in the PAAB. Different ways to become featured in the PAAB is through aiming to:

  • Use relevant keywords that can be found in similar knowledge graphs and already existing PAAB
  • Integrate answers to the PPA questions within your content
  • Build your site authority – sites featured in the PAAB have proven to be reliable and traffic attractors
  • Provide useful but concise Q&A’s on your site, write with genuine tone and keep it up to date


Site links are probably one of the most popular and well-known organic search extensions. This feature provides additional links under the main URL to ease user access to your site and assist them to navigate it. These links may be for different content pages in your site, articles or blogs. Sitelinks give businesses a higher proportion of real estate on the SERP page, making them stand out. Increased traffic, improved click-through rates, stronger credibility and awareness and easier and deeper navigation are some of the advantages of sitelinks.

There is no fixed way to implement sitelinks. Larger businesses with a known brand, higher traffic rates and an elevated SERP page ranking are more likely to have sitelinks. A few tips to increase your chances of obtaining sitelinks are:

  • Having a unique website name 
  • Organise your website structure for easy navigation and optimise the content 
  • Elevate your rankings 

The extensive experience that HESK Digital’s team has in the field of organic search extensions and how to implement them will prove beneficial for any business looking to extend their brand awareness and take advantage of an opportunity to grow their business, drive leads, increase brand trust and boost their SEO.

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