Optimising Site Search.

Published on - August 10, 2020 by hesk-digital

Site Search.

Site Search is a common website functionality that allows users to search for content and information on a website/platform. Using Site Search is beneficial for potential clients and consumers as it enables them to quickly connect with a company’s products and services. 

Site Search is a type of search engine that focuses completely on a specific website. On some sites, the search is a more prominent tool than on other sites, and is particularly useful for informative or ecommerce sites with many pages..

As companies grow larger, so does their need for Site Search, content writers, wikis and large sites benefit from this strategy greatly. This benefit stems from the fact that Site Search is a critical factor in website-user interface. Site Search is important for a business as it plays an essential role in website functionality and design.

Site Search

Site Search Tips and Practices.

As time progresses, Site Search practices change. Implementing the below strategies will enable consumers to search for products rather than simply browsing, aiding in user navigation and improving conversions.

A key practice and possibly the most obvious one is to make sure the company’s Site Search is highly visible from the landing page. This can be achieved by altering the Search Box size to make it larger and easier to spot. Another way to achieve a more visible Site Search is by placing a search box in every post and on every page.

Additionally, you should never allow a company’s Site Search to provide zero results. This can be achieved by adding automated spell-checking software. By adding this software, even if customers misspell a word, the anticipated product will still come up as a result. 

Search Query Autocomplete is another great method to ensure that the Site Search will never hit a dead end. Having a Search Query Autocomplete function will continuously give consumers new ideas and products to search for.

By applying the 2 aforementioned strategies, the customer is prompted to search for specific items and is thus more likely to go through with a purchase. Research shows consumers that use search are 3 times more likely to convert as a customer, rather than users that simply browse. Search is a great way for customers to inform a business of what they are shopping around for. By having this added information, the company has an opportunity to tailor the website to the customer’s specific needs.

HESK Digital.

Our goal is to ensure that your website drives traffic, conversions and brand strength, with consistent growth. HESK Digital is a group of experts with decades of experience in the industry of Digital Marketing and SEO optimisation.

Our HESK Digital specialists have assisted several clients in optimising Site Search. Contact us today to see how we can improve your website Ux and CO.



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