Link Building Disasters, and how to avoid them

Published on - September 11, 2020 by hesk-digital

A well-known SEO tip is to build backlinks to avoid common link building mistakes. Link building is critical when it comes to search engine optimisation. 

That said, we’ve seen plenty of new clients come to us saying öur last agency was building us hundreds of links, everything was going well, and then it all fell off a cliff. Or even worse, people who in some cases have spent tens of thousands on link building with little to no effect.

These are classic signs of outdated or downright dangerous link-building methods. If your Agency is recommending the type of techniques that might result in this, it might be a good idea to take a closer look.

But how do you know which mistakes to avoid when it comes to backlinking? Here are some common link building mistakes and how to avoid them.

Our Tips; What to avoid

Buying/selling links

Sometimes you will be tempted to buy links from other sites to receive backlinks. This is a mistake. There is always a chance of being banned from Search Engines for doing so. Google has publicly stated that selling and buying links is considered spam. So, stick to the natural links. A simple tip to get around this would be creating a couple of guest posts and backlinking it to your website.

There’s a grey area involving outreach for articles that have a fee for content creation and site placement. Sometimes this can produce great content on high-value sites, and while this might technically violate Google guidelines, the practice is widespread and more or less impossible for google to track.

If you do choose to go down this path, keep in mind if they’re selling articles to you, they’re selling articles to others too. Google is unlikely to penalise links from the highest authority sites or implement a manual action on your site for this practice, but they might choose to just disavow them completely.

Backlinking to only one type of PR site.

Getting backlinks from high authority sites are a great idea and always beneficial to your SEO ranking. However, maintaining a mix of both high and low authority sites will still receive better results. 

Google Blacklist warning message

Linking to sites who have a bad reputation

When it comes to linking to other sites, never link to sites with a bad reputation. What is a site with a bad reputation?

  • Duplicate content sites
  • Spam sites
  • Illegal sites
  • Porn sites

Any search engine will not prioritise your site on SEO rankings if you link yourself to websites with a bad reputation. In addition, receiving backlinks from sites with a bad reputation is just as bad as linking to them. It should be avoided. In addition, you can simply avoid this by researching who you’re linking to and who is back linking your website, and removing bad reputation websites.

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