Is your site losing visitors? Here’s how to keep them.

Published on - October 09, 2020 by hesk-digital

Is your site losing visitors? Here’s how to keep them.

Are you seeing less and less time spent by users on your content? Are you struggling to figure out why this is happening? When it comes to returning to the average website, between 70-96 percent of those who visit your website will not return after the initial browsing session. It’s time to beat those odds and create a compelling, easy to use website that keeps your visitors coming back and converting time and again.

If your site is losing visitors, it’s important to figure out where you’re going wrong and to take the appropriate steps to generate conversions by making them stick around. The longer a user stays on your site, the higher likelihood there is of a conversion taking place.

Below are some strategies you can implement to maintain visitors and improve your conversion rate.

  1. Use engaging visual content

When it comes to adding content onto your website, visual content is the easiest way to increase a user’s average time spent on your website. Explanatory videos have a higher chance of maintaining a user’s attention as opposed to a big block of writing when describing a product or a service. Infographics are also an important part of any content, it takes some extra work, but it’s all worth it.

  1. Add a call to action

When it comes to the structuring of your website, you should ensure that each page has some sort of call to action that leads to revenue generation. If you’re writing blog posts on your website, you should include links to other pieces of your website or to more information about the product or service. This is beneficial where a user may wish to see similar content or gather more information and instead of leaving your site, navigates to a different part. The longer the user is navigating your site, the higher chance of a conversion.

  1. Improve your Content

Investing in good quality search engine optimised blog posts on your site can be extremely valuable. By building a very reputable and high-quality grouping of blog posts on your website, you can create backlinks to articles which direct readers towards your page. Not only will this distinguish your website for being higher quality than your competitors, but it will also lead to higher domain authority and more traffic. So, if you’re losing visitors, the best way to regain them is to up your quality so that readers can’t stay away from your page. This also means that you have to produce relevant information. The number one reason people will not spend a long time on a website relates to its relevance. Ensuring that your content is relevant to the search terms and title will ensure that the user who searched for a specific search term is being served relevant content.

  1. Skim readable content

No one likes a huge body of text when they click on your website. If your text is not structured under different, easy to read body paragraphs, chances are users are not going to be attracted to your site. This is where headings and subheadings come into play. By structuring your content well, users are able to more easily understand and process the content they are reading.  If you can make your content skim readable and you can get your main points across very quickly, you’re heightening the chance of you getting your overall point to the user. This not only raises the likelihood of users spending longer on your site but improves your chances of conversion.


Having a decreasing volume of visitors and having the average time spent on your site decrease can be very frustrating. However, if your website falls into this category, there are many quick and easy tips as discussed above that you can implement on your site. They will not only raise the average time users spend on your website, but will also improve your conversion rate.

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