Heading Tags 2020, Tips and Best Practices.

Published on - August 05, 2020 by hesk-digital

What are Heading Tags?

Headings are indicators used in a website’s HTML, this helps structure their platform from an SEO point of view. These headings tags can range from Heading1 to Heading6 (H1-H6) and ultimately provide your page with a hierarchical structure. H1 is the most crucial header according to Google as it is the title of the post.

Heading tags help Google read any content pieces drafted, written and posted on your website. By posting an informative title, Google can identify what the content is regarding.

Although the H1 typically displays as the title of the webpage, there is a significant difference between H1 ags and the confusingly named Title Tags. The difference between the H1 tag and the post’s title tag is where they physically appear. The page’s title tag acts as an indication to google of the text you’d like to place on the hyperlink inside the SERP result. Title tags also appear in the ‘title bar’ located at the top of the browser when reading the content. In contrast, H1 tags appear directly in the Webpage content, and have a heavier SEO relevance ranking.

Heading Tags 2020

Best Practices. 

More and more research is showing that headings and header tags are not as important for a platform’s rankings as they used to be. Times have changed and so have the tactics that SEO specialists use when drafting headers. The top practices used by SEO experts when writing headings involve developing a good page structure and improving page relevance.

Tips on Using Heading Tags.

The first practice to implement is to ensure that a website’s header tags provide the post with structure and context for the article. An article’s heading tag must give the reader a feel of what type of content is included in the paragraph that follows.

Using heading tags to break up the bulk content of the article is a great practice to use that helps the readability of the article. Structuring any post with various headings to break up paragraphs prompts readers to go through the whole post. This prompt is due to the article being easily scannable. Research shows that a reader is more likely to share and read the article if it can be skimmed through easily.

The final tip to implement when writing heading tags for posts on any type of platform is attention to keywords. As I previously mentioned, headers are not likely going to impact a platform’s SEO as a backlink. However, in saying this, servers such as Google and Bing still look over a site’s headings and header tags to gather page context.

Although the above should break down fairly simply how to optimise headings and header tags, here are some extra tips to implement. A great tip on how to use headings and header tags to your benefit is to create a sense of hierarchy. By hierarchically structuring your headings can slightly improve your SEO rankings as it makes the post more appealing to read.

Heading structure and keyword usage is crucial to your website’s accessibility, especially for people who can’t easily read from a screen. Keywords should be prioritised when drafting and publishing any form of posts. This is because using the right keywords makes your website or platform rank higher in SERPs (search engine result pages).

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