Google Updates Shopping Ads with New Shipping Features

Published on - August 31, 2020 by hesk-digital

Smart Shopping Campaigns Get Shipping Annotations, ‘new customer’ bidding control. 

Google is constantly updating its services to provide new ways for businesses to reach internet users. At HESK Digital, we keep up with the latest developments in the marketing world, in order to provide the most up to date marketing strategies for our customers.

Recently, Google has announced various updates for Smart Shopping Campaigns. These updates involve YouTube, Gmail, Display and Search. So what are these updates specifically, and how can your business best utilise these new features?

New Google Updates

The notable updates from Google include features such as:

  • Shipping Annotations
  • Updated Customer Optimisation in Smart Shopping
  • Enhanced Ad video and Format

Shipping Annotations

Google has updated their Smart Shopping ads with the introduction of shipping annotations. This can include annotations such as fast shipping or free shipping. With the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on in person shopping, consumers have been shopping online more. The higher demand for online products has caused extensive shipping delays, which means those products with more reasonable shipping times can easily use these annotations to attract sales. 

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Marketers can now optimise for conversion goals as part of updated Smart Shopping Campaigns in order to attract new customers. The Google help page says this goal is defined as the sum of purchase value and the new customer value that is set by a business. This new value is then attributed to a purchase made by a new customer.

These conversion goals have been set out by Google to allow a business to customise their settings and achieve a better link between conversions and automated ad targeting. 

The second feature involves Google automatically setting up the conversion tracking to track purchases in new smart campaigns. This involves google creating an audience from the last 540 days of tracked purchases and a businesses campaign activity. Google explains implementing the conversion goals on their support page.

Changes to Shopping Ads Format

Google has announced that it will introduce an enhanced format for its Smart Shopping ads later on in 2020.

The updates include a more visual-based format which would allow for a more simple interface for users interacting with the ad. This would allow a customer to view more options simultaneously and choose the best option for themselves in order to make a better purchase. 

These new Google Ad updates will allow digital marketers to better optimise Google as an advertising platform.

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