Google Tests False Positive Reports for Search Console.

Published on - October 12, 2020 by hesk-digital

Getting hit with manual or algorithmic penalty is always frustrating, especially when your site hasn’t violated any Google policies. Sometimes it can even risk the viability of your business.

If your site has been wrongly flagged by Google search regarding security issues, we’ve got some good news.


Google’s Announcement

Google posted on Twitter recently, ‘’To help, we’re piloting a new reporting system beginning with security issues’’. Users can find the Report a security issue through the security issues help page.

Google is testing a feature which allows users to request a Google review of the site. This includes the specific security issue if a user believes that Google mistakenly identified a site to have had a security issue. Additionally, This will allow users whose sites were wrongly removed from the Google Search Console to resolve the problem sooner rather than later.


Testing and availability

Not everyone has access to this feature currently. Google has stated that only those from English-language help pages can access the tool. Additionally, you must sign in to Google Search Console to access the feature. Therefore, the introduction of this feature by Google illustrates a move forward in both innovation and better user experience.



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