Google Testing More Prominent Ad Headlines

Published on - September 09, 2020 by hesk-digital

Google is consistently looking for new ways of being innovative regarding the use of the internet and understanding consumer needs and wants. Here at Hesk Digital, we seek to keep up to date with changes and innovations to utilise our marketing methods fully. 

Lately, it has been revealed that Google is testing a new feature for advertisements. This test has seen the first advertisement headline displayed in a larger font, with a second smaller headline appearing below the first.

Ad Example
Example of a current ad.

In the photos captured by PPC hubbub, the characteristic feature amongst the top ad headlines above organic results had larger font headlines. However, images captured by SEL illustrated that only the top advertisement headline had an enlarged font.

How does this affect marketers?

It is currently unclear which of the two examples Google will choose. Whenever the feature is confirmed. It will provide more incentive for marketers to utilise SEO tactics to land one of the prominent ad headlines.

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  • Great post thanks for sharing this valuable piece of information with us all. As we all know that google is constantly changing their features and launching new updates that affect the marketing. And it’s not a strange thing where Google provides a lot more priority to it’s users but this time it seems that they are rolling out something interesting that will be beneficial for the marketers.
    Nice work keep sharing such amazing updates with us all from time to time.


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