Google Now Shows Analytics Insights in Search Console

Published on - July 17, 2020 by hesk-digital

Google is consistently looking for new ways of being innovative regarding the use of the internet and understanding consumer needs and wants. Here at Hesk Digital, it’s important to keep up to date with changes and innovations in order to best utilize marketing methods.

Lately, it has been revealed that Google is testing a new feature called Google Search Console Insights. This feature provides Search Console users with more in-depth reporting regarding the performance of a given site and its pages. In particular, examples of features provided by Google Analytics include:
– information relating to average time spent on pages,
– referring sites information and the page views.

These features are extremely helpful for marketing specialists in order to understand the way that consumers navigate and use websites.

Google Analytics in Console

Proposed Change and features

Although since 2011, Google has previously provided a way to see their Search Console data within Google Analytics, the ability to see google analytics data within the search console hasn’t been available. The proposed changes would help marketing specialists as it integrates data from Google analytics directly into the Google search console reports making information on user traffic and channel attribution more readily accessible.

Whilst Google has not formally announced this change, it has been highlighted that Google has requested that some Search console users approve an integration between Analytics and the Search Console.

Features which are coming to Google Search Console Insights include:

  • Social media traffic
  • Top and newest referring links from other websites.
  • Traffic to the site from organic search.
  • Pageviews of individual pages.
  • Overall page views.
  • Average time spent on site and pages.

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