How to set up Google My Business for your Trades Business

Published on - December 10, 2020 by hesk-digital

How to set up Google My Business for your Tradie business

Setting up a Google My Business account and status for your tradie business is a great idea if you want to grow your business online. Having an online presence will help your small business build trust and credibility with potential customers before you speaking with them.

A well-reviewed page will place you at the top of Google’s rankings and shows potential customers how credible your business is. If you want people to find you more quickly and build a bigger customer base, setting up a Google My Business Account should be high on your list of priorities.

Today, we’ve got a step by step guide on how to build your online presence easily by setting up your Google My Business Account.

Creating Your Account

The first step in increasing your online presence is creating a Google account. Navigate to Gmail and create an account; once this is done, you can navigate to https://www.google.com/intl/en_au/business/ and click on ‘manage now’ to start setting up your account.

After creating an account, there are a few things you need to do before you get to the main dashboard; starting with clicking on the “manage account” icon. It should be presented the same way as seen below. Don’t stress if the image is different, as long as the layout is similar; you are on the right path.

The initial steps are easy to follow. You’ll need to enter some simple information regarding your business. This includes information such as the type of business, for example, an electrician based business in the construction industry, or where your business is based location wise.

Once you reach your dashboard, it’s not uncommon to be confused by the sheer amount of info available. The good news is that for trade businesses, only a few key areas will be enough to get you a great start.

As per below, the key areas which need to be filled out well are highlighted. This particularly relates to sorting out your business information and ensuring that it is accurate. A strategy for good reviews from customer. A simple yet effective messaging method. Photos and listings of services to ensure your business looks good. Lastly, inputting your location and what regions you can cover allows your tradie services to show up on Google maps. All of these key areas all relate to building the reputation, customer base and location coverage regarding your tradie business.

The screenshot below shows which specific icons you’ll need to navigate through on the left side of the page to set up your account:

If you don’t have the time to be consistently uploading posts on your site, to improve your Google ranking, then setting up your Google My Business is absolutely essential for your tradie business to improve its discoverability.

Inputting Information About Your Business

This should be your first step. It may seem simple, but its important to do right. Some of the information may already have been inputted when you were initially inputting some information before reaching the dashboard. The main sections to fulfil here includes ensuring your business name and description is correct. Also, input your operating hours, website address and phone number and ensure that they are correct. This section is particularly easy to follow, and all of the sections are on one page. Getting your account to a great start includes accurately inputting the information related to your tradie business. 

Building a Reputation

The best way to build your reputation and expand your tradie customer base is through reviews. This takes us onto step two of setting up your account. The reviews that customers leave on your page are essential factors in determining whether potential customers hire your tradie services or your competitors. After you finish a job for the renovation of a house, electrician work or landscaping, asking happy customers for a review is always a great idea.

Contacting a satisfied customer after the job is complete and requesting kindly and professionally if they’d leave a review is the best way to secure a five-star review. You can send them a link to your business page to leave one. The following link can assist you with locating which link that would be specifically for your business: https://support.google.com/business/answer/7035772?hl=en

In contacting the customer, you can verbally call the customer, or use SMS, email or social media. The message should be quick but professional, thanking the customer for the work done with your business and asking for a Google view.

As a tradie business owner, more great reviews will always look great on your business.

Setting up the Messaging Feature

Regarding contacting potential customers, setting up your messaging is one of the best ways for customers to contact you directly from your listing. Navigating the left side of the page allows you to turn on messaging in your account. If you have an Android or iPhone, the next step would be installing the Google My Business app. Doing this allows potential customers to contact you before even accessing your website, helping smoothen the process and build trust between customers and your business. 

Make sure to set up your messaging feature sooner rather than later. You’ll see many potential customers contacting your business for tradie services directly which allows you to receive business faster and communicate more clearly.

Uploading Photos Of Your Work

In the tradie industry, showcasing your work is a great way to boost consumer trust and gain publicity. Photos can help show off the quality of your completed jobs. You should start by uploading a brand logo and a cover image. Uploading a photo of your team and yourself and of your completed jobs not only looks professional and shows the quality of your work, but it builds a sense of credibility. 

Some good ideas include taking photos of the progress of the jobs and when the job is completed. Having at least 10-15 good photos to show off your work will place you ahead of most of your competition. You don’t need to be consistently uploading photos, but ensuring that there is a range of photos is important for your tradie business and your Google My Business’ appearance.

Providing a Services Section

The best way to help potential customers decide if your business is right for them is by providing a services section. Having between 4-6 specified services with some short descriptions will tell potentials enough about what your tradie business does and what you can do for customers. This will narrow down the operations of your business and ensure that potential customers who contact your business will ask for a service that you are offering.


Doing tradeswork is all about being there at the property or business to complete the work. Setting up your location and what regions you operate in is extremely important for a trade business.

This will give you a presence on Google maps. Many customers search for work to be done on their house such as ‘’electrician near me’’ on Google maps. This will allow your tradie services to come up when someone local searches the relevant search term. This will lead potential customers to your account which you have already set up. The address, business name, overview, photos and reviews can all be accessed from the search result on Google Maps. So, ensuring that you’ve set up your location is important for your tradie business to get the upper hand on your competitors.


Setting up your Google My Business account is a great way of marketing your tradie business for free. Through following this guide and setting up your account, you’ve made a step towards having the competitive advantage amongst your competitors.  

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