Google Launches Image Extensions and Promotion Countdowns for Responsive Text Ads.

Published on - August 07, 2020 by hesk-digital

New Google Updates. 

2020 was a major year for Google updates, in May Google announced the decision to ‘sunset’ Gallery Ads and to go ahead with the highly anticipated ‘image extensions’. Google officially launched its image beta and also added a dynamic countdown function that can be added to responsive search ads.

Image Extensions and Promotion Countdowns for Responsive Text Ads.

Image Extensions.

Once image extensions are approved, when a customer searches a product or service, a single image will appear beside your ad on the SERP. This new update to Google’s algorithm is currently only available to a particular group of advertisers. 

To determine if a company is eligible or not, the business should ask their account representative (if they have one). Google has stated that image extensions presented an improvement in both conversions and click-through rates (CTR). 

The ‘Beta’ version of these image extensions are open for both ‘Expanded Search Ads’ (ESA or ETA) and/or ‘Responsive Search Ads’ (RSA). This new method of image extensions can be implemented through two different options. The images can be uploaded to the company’s relevant ads or Google can automatically pull images directly from the site. (Images are recommended to be a square size at 1200 x 1200 pixels).

How To Create Image Extensions. 

If and when your company has been approved for image extensions this guide can assist in adding your Ad’s images. The best way to do this is to add your image extensions to multiple Ad campaigns or groups at once.

Adding your Ads image extensions can be done by selecting multiple Ads across the company’s various campaigns. 

  • Begin with the ‘All Campaigns’ option within your account.
  • Select the ‘Ads and Extensions’ tab. 
  • Go to Extensions, click the blue plus option and add a new extension.
  • Click on the ‘Image Extension’ button.  
  • Doing this will produce a new screen with a pop-up box. In this pop-up box, all campaigns and the ad groups can be viewed.
  • Finally, determine which campaign to add the image extensions to and select all applicable Ad groups. Click the ‘Done’ option after this is done.
Setting up your local SEO

After selecting all ad groups you will need to upload their images.

  • First, click the blue plus option in the ‘Images’ pop-up box.
  • Next, go to the ‘Upload’ tab option.
  • Next, choose the file or files that you want to display.
  • Finally, click the ‘done’ button and they will appear next to your ad.

Like other Ad Extensions, your Image Extensions need to be approved by Google after they’re uploaded. Once they are uploaded and approved, the image extensions appear next to your Google Ads.

Promotion Countdowns.

Promotion Countdown Extensions are part of the new update to the Google algorithm. This update adds relevant data regarding product and service sales to a site’s regular text Ads. Promotion Countdown Extensions are subject to Google Ad standard policies and the additional relevant requirements. 

Promotional Countdowns should avoid violating Google’s policies as Google will remove the post from the platform. When writing content, it helps if the company reviews the editorial standard requirements. The content must have clarity, concise grammar and a logical flow of information.

HESK Digital.

HESK Digital is a group of experts with decades of experience in the industry of Digital Marketing and SEO optimisation. Our goal is to ensure that your platform ranks first in any SERP despite any google algorithm updates. We are determined to make sure when customers search online for a service/product your site is the first ranking option. 

Our HESK Digital specialists have assisted many clients in implementing Google Ads updates. By developing new strategies, we were able to generate more website traffic and increase brand conversions. Contact Us today 

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