Getting Value Out of Mature AdWords Campaigns

Published on - July 17, 2020 by hesk-digital

What happens when you’re faced with the issue of increasing your sales on a tight budget? What do you do when your Google Ads campaigns begin to decline? 

Many businesses are faced with these common problems when attempting to advertise their products and services. 

Improving a campaign mature AdWords campaigns

And in many cases, experts skilled in the setup and targeting of Paid Search campaigns are unable to adjust mature search ad campaigns in order to increase outreach to consumers or cope with competition.

When you encounter these problems, consider reviewing your Google Adword strategy. Specifically, you should review the method in which the keywords were chosen, grouped and presented.

This blog will explain a few key areas which improve the performance of a stable and mature Search Ad Campaign and recommendations on how to most efficiently enforce these mature Search Ad campaigns.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords involve those specific key phrases which are usually longer compared to the more commonly searched keywords that users on the internet may type in. Although it is a fact that long-tail keywords receive less search traffic; they will usually have higher conversion value. This is due to their specific nature, allowing for easier ranking using standard SEO techniques. A good example of a long-tail keyword includes, ‘’cheap luxury cruise Mediterranean three-bedroom cabin’’.

Actions in order to identify useful long-tail keywords include:

  • Using broad match as a strategy in generating new long-tail keywords by using a search query report to find relevant keywords.
  • Using Google’s keyword tool to establish successful and relevant keyword phrases that have between 50-150 monthly searches. Therefore, using relevant keywords with less competition from advertisers.


Tailored advertising can be very successful in marketing to consumers. By tailoring the key-words on a website or advertisement to specific customers, based on characteristics such as age, gender, demographic or even to more niche segments you can give your ads greater reach to interested customers. This is correlated with the relevance of the ad to the customer, and the more time put into selecting relevant keywords, the more coverage an advertisement and website will receive on the search engine. 

Here are a few suggestions in order to achieve more effective ad targeting:

  • Giving keywords their own ad group if it can benefit more from a tailored ad. This strategy (often called “SKAGs” or “Single Keyword Ad Groups” Can be done by sorting the keywords from the highest volume of clicks to the lowest and assigning certain keywords their own ad groups if applicable.
  • Try to include keywords in ad titles/descriptions which are relevant, it is important to only do this where it does not affect the primary offer and message.


It’s important to separate those keywords which result in different search results and intentions. The term ‘’to buy’’ and ‘’to rent’’ mean different things when dealing with the results of a search. Therefore, it’s most effective to separate keywords with differing meanings. When dealing with the qualification of keywords and ultimately getting the best result from Google Ads campaigns; it is important to understand and use keywords in an accurate and correct way.

Simply, in order to effectively deal with keyword qualification in order to achieve relevant and accurate advertisements, it is recommended that:

  • Keywords of different ‘qualifications’ such as ‘buy’ and ‘rent’ may require different advertisements altogether. By qualifying keywords, the advertisement becomes more relevant to the intended customer audience and therefore will improve the outreach.
  • Always keep an eye out for the effect on the search result when including certain keywords together. By understanding the effect of grouping certain keywords together; a digital marketer can then most effectively utilise these results in finding the most appropriate qualification of keywords regarding most effectively reaching the intended audience.

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