How To Get Quality Backlinks Without Content

Published on - October 17, 2020 by hesk-digital

Are you struggling to keep coming up with new content for backlinks? Building backlinks isn’t impossible. Your business is worthy of a link, even without content. Understanding the methods behind building backlinks will allow you to build links with what you already have on your website.

Here are some methods you can use to build backlinks to your website, without content.

Sourcing from competitors resource page links

Finding and using links from resource pages is a well-known and old SEO method. Many resource pages link directly to businesses homepages as opposed to particular articles. This is because many websites with resource pages prefer to link to a service or particular product.

SEO professionals will use Google search operators in order to find those relevant resource pages. They will then scrape them and pursue the worthwhile pages. Although this approach works, problems associated include that it is extremely time-consuming, and much of what is scraped ends up being junk.

Instead, there is an alternative method to using resource pages in the correct way. This involves directly replicating your competitors resource pages. If you are unsure who your competitors are, there is a competing domains report in Site Explorer.

The benefit from resource pages is only achieved when reaching out to the owners of resource pages. This includes asking and proving to the owners why your business should be listed on their page. Finding your business on a resource page will result in backlinking without any content.

Existing relationships

When it comes to building links with existing relationships, this could benefit your business. This comes in the form of reserving trade links for those actual existing relationships your business has.

Initially, it would be smart to list your mutual partnerships on your website. This simplifies the process as you request that they do it back. As you’ve taken the initiative to link them on yours, they’d be inclined to agree.

When requesting a link back, do some research and ask to be linked back in the most natural way. This may mean you are advertised on their partner’s page, blog posts or news section.

Once you find where your business is best situated on a mutual partnership’s website, extend the request. Utilising business relationships assist with advertising and SEO. This all without the need for content.

Converting unlinked mentions into links that count.

Unlinked mentions are a great opportunity to build links. Look at it this way, those unlinked mentions relate to those already speaking of your business. Getting them to link is beneficial for both your business and whoever mentioned it. This is done through requesting kindly that the mention becomes clickable.

So, how do you find unlinked mentions in the first place? Entering the following into Google is a great place to start:

You can also use Content Explorer on Ahrefs to search your brand name. The database allows you to export a full report regarding which websites have your brand name unlinked. You can also search for unlinked mentions of your branded products, company representatives and all things related to your business.

Ultimately, converting unlinked mentions into backlinks is a simple process. Those businesses and websites mentioning your business already favour you! No content is needed, just identify where those unmentioned links are and request a backlink.

Being listed on “best” lists.

Those “best” lists which refer to the best ‘’x’’ in the best ‘’y’’ exist in nearly all industries and locations. The main point is, even without content, landing yourself one on a best list within your area is very beneficial for your business. So, what should you do if you’re not already on a list?

The simple answer is to reach out to a website who makes a best list. Why? Because they’re interested in the operations of your business, seeing as they’ve shared a list of the best ‘x’ which is similar to your product/service. Also, they either don’t know of your business or forgot to include your business when creating the content. This means being included in the list isn’t as hard as you think it might be.

Take links from less-deserving content creators.

This method involves:

1. Finding a relevant piece of content with many backlinks;

2. Creating content which is considered better for SEO

3. Request those linking to the original piece to link to yours.

It is important to note that instead of creating something completely new content-wise, utilise what you have. This relates to taking your best asset and producing a piece of content which is promoted through using other pieces of research.


Ultimately, it’s just as important to get backlinks without content as it is to get backlinks from the content on your blog or website. Backlinks will always assist with the volume of traffic entering your site. Through implementing these simple steps, you have taken the appropriate steps in order to build backlinks for your website.

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