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Published on - August 12, 2020 by hesk-digital

A digital marketer can use many platforms for advertising products and services. When it comes to using Facebook to advertise, your audience is likely browsing their feed with little intention of making a purchase. This allows marketers to create relevant and engaging advertisements to users that attract new potential customers.

Facebook campaign and ads

Improve Campaign Structure

Through utilising what Facebook ads have to offer, your business is in a better position when improving your campaign structure. For beginners, it is useful to create a Facebook campaign that does not come across as a direct advertisement but instead is used to draw attention to lead users to become new customers.

It is useful to create a series of smaller campaigns instead of one extensive campaign. Through creating different campaigns that are targeted at different users, the business is more likely to develop a diverse and effective social sales system. 

It is essential to focus on aspects of your product that are relevant to potential customers. This relates to the creation of engagement between users and your product when it comes to a Facebook PPC campaign. A Social Campaign Specialist can attract new customers by focusing on relevance to users. An example of an effective PPC campaign would involve using photos and videos to explain and show off products and services would be more likely to attract new customers.

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Look at Targeting and Frequency Options

It is essential to consider the exact target audience before creating a Facebook Ad. Done well, a campaign that builds a connection with the audience can be created.

Moreover, through building engaging content for prospective customers, an indirect ad campaign can lure in many new customers. By using ad campaigns with many views and creating new campaigns which target users who viewed the previous ad, your campaign effectiveness can be improved. It is possible through this method to yield a better conversion rate of the audience to new customers.

Another effective strategy of targeting when it comes to Facebook Ads is through implementing interest, demographic and behaviour targeting. By targeting the right user interests and user behaviours which will be tailored to your business, your business can see a higher ROI. For example, if your business sells vegan foods, your business’ ads must target those vegan and vegetarian users specifically.

A Social Campaign Specialist needs to take advantage of the frequency metric. This makes it possible to monitor the volume that one Facebook user views your advertising campaign. It is also important not to over-do the frequency as users may start ignoring your brand. In order to secure the best possible exposure, Social Campaign Specialists should place a frequency cap on advertising reports in order to maintain its effectiveness.

Make Sure Your Bidding is Working.

Facebook operates on an auction-based system regarding their advertisement campaigns. Depending on the amount of money bid by a company and its overall performance on Facebook’s page, Facebook will choose the most appropriate ad for its audiences. Users need to choose the most effective type of ad campaign for their site. This campaign can include landing page views, certain on-site interactions and/or link clicks. Social Campaign Specialists will need to have a clear idea of their advertising goals. This will determine the most effective bidding option. Ultimately, in utilising these tips, a business will improve the success of an advertising campaign.

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