Do Backlinks Help Your SEO Rankings?

Published on - October 16, 2020 by hesk-digital

It is well known in the digital marketing world that backlinking plays an essential role in SEO. When it comes to search ranking, Google’s algorithm relies heavily on links in order to establish and evaluate the trustworthiness of your site. This includes taking into account the number and quality of links directing towards a site, to determine how the ranking will work. In implementing SEO strategies in your business, there will never be a shortage of backlinking. However, are your links helping your rankings?

To put it simply, if you’ve implemented the wrong link building strategies, they probably won’t get your business anywhere impressive on the ranks. But it can be difficult to tell whether you’ve wasted your time building links or not.

At HESK Digital, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you keep track of everything that is required to build helpful links. Following and implementing these methods will ensure that your backlinks are in fact helping your rankings.

Link Profile Analysis defined.

If you’ve been active in attempting to build links and have been maintaining your website and blogs for a while, chances are, there are many links pointing to your website. All of the links directing back to your site, put together, is your link profile.

When understanding what a link profile analysis is, it is simply understanding and evaluating the link profile that your website has created for you. The use of your link profile can range from seeing how many new publishers your website has been featured on, to how much your profile has grown.

This sort of profile is also very important when it comes to analysing competition. As much as it helps having one for your business, you can evaluate your close competitor’s profiles. This will be discussed later on.

How to Analyse Your Link Profile

As Google does not publish information related to backlinks, useful tools to use for analysing backlinks include Ahrefs. Tools like this allow you to search for any domains and view a breakdown of how it is performing generally.

This includes features such as:

–   The number of inbound links that are pointing to your website.

–   The number of different domains that have links pointing to your website.

–   The number of keywords for which your site ranks

–   The number of likes you’ve gained/lost over a period of time.

–   Actual links pointing to you.

This is an example of the Ahrefs tool’s breakdown of backlinks.

It should be noted that there are other software and tools out there for analysing your profile. Ultimately, it is down to your own discretion.

The Ideal Link Profile

You should be working towards building the most useful profile when it comes to your links. This means being able to measure results. The ideal standards of a link profile will ensure that you are seeing the most useful results. Useful results include information collected which can identify the strengths of your website and business, and those areas you need to work on.

The following factors ensure that your profile is ideal:

Linking Domain authority: This relates to the domain authority. Of the domains which point to your website. The higher the domain authority, the more valuable the link is to rank your website higher. A strong link from a website with high authority will ultimately be more valuable than multiple from low quality sources.

Domain relevance: This isn’t as much of a necessity as domain authority. However, each domain which links to your site should have some sort of relevance. This should be your general rule. If your links are not relevant, it may raise claims that the acquisition of links is not legitimate. This means that your links may not be valuable to users.

Link history: The overall history and integrity of your links are important. Through monitoring your link profile, you can see if your links remain up for an extended period of time. If there are increasing links being removed, this may indicate that your content is not up to standard. Ideally, your links should be staying relevant for years.

Competitive Monitoring

When it comes to evaluating your competitions backlink profiles as previously mentioned, there are a few things you should keep your eyes on. This includes:

–   Missed opportunities: If there are domains where your competitors are frequently mentioned, but you have not. This is a missed opportunity.

–   Brand differentiation: This is a method in looking to differentiate your brand. If there is a pattern in the types of publishers and keywords that competitors are targeting, you may be missing something. If you can take over a keyword niche that your competitors are missing out on, you may gain an advantage when it comes to backlinks.

Changing your link building strategy correctly

To conclude, the previous discussion on insights will not mean anything unless the suggested improvements are enforced. This means making changes in your link building strategy. For example, making an effort to secure more high authority domain links.

Ultimately, this may mean creating a new strategy altogether. Enforcing strategies such as making memos to come up with new targets and how to measure them will benefit you largely. Through enforcing the tips shared above, you are ensuring that your business is up to date with efficient methods. This includes ensuring that your backlinks are ultimately increasing your ranking.

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