Accelerate Your Local SEO By Targeted Searching.

Published on - August 17, 2020 by hesk-digital

Searching At Your Target Locations.

Searching your target locations determines what users see in SERPs (search engine result pages). This Local SEO strategy helps businesses improve their inconsistent SERP performance and rankings across their service areas.

Local SEO is more than just content improvement and link building, especially when focusing on your business locations. Focusing on only those two factors may still cause your company to rank poorly or inadequately. Improving this problem can be done by examining and understanding SERPs across all your target locations.

Targeted Searching Local SEO

Country-Level Search.

To determine how well a website performs in a country-level search, your company needs to adjust it’s Google search settings to focus on that country. This method helps your company find a regional search location being targeted.

To manually run a country-level search, the company should locate ‘Search Settings’ in their browser. After this, the company simply picks a region from the provided list under ‘Region Settings’.

Finally, if a company elects not to search target locations manually, tracking software is available to them. Software’s automate this system. Utilising rank tracking software, your regional target location can be monitored automatically.

State-Level Search.

SME business (small-to-medium) Local SEO’s face many challenges, a major challenge is ensuring that your company’s website/platform shows up in the local SERPs. This related to a state-level search as they may not have the funds or organic hits to appear first on any SERP’s. 

Whether your business provides services within a specific state location or you physically have a store in that area, tracking your site’s state rankings can heavily improve findability.

Tracking your rankings on a state-level will increase leads and drive customer conversion rates as it can assist your company in realising where to focus its attention. You can manually run a state search by typing ‘&near=cityname’ in the Google URL.

Optimising Target Locations.

Optimising target locations for a Local SEO boils down to simply monitoring your rankings more closely and observing the root of any problem. Considering there are as various SERPs, rank tracking the variations may feel discouraging. However, optimising target locations is not just to track the variations but rather your ranking in the target locations.

Via Google My Business, monitoring how quickly your Local SEO efforts transform into higher-ranking positions within SERPs assists site traffic and sales within each location. Local SEO target location searches are about guaranteeing your customers see you and can contact you easily. Use this to your advantage as it can assist your company in boosting their SERP rankings.

HESK Digital.

HESK Digital are a group of experts with decades of experience in Digital Marketing and SEO optimisation. Our goal is to ensure that your platform has an increase in traffic, conversion rates and revenue growth.  

Our team of specialists have assisted clients in optimising targeted searches state-wide and country-wide. We have managed various platforms that needed to implement innovative ideas regarding their targeted searches. By developing new strategies and analysing different options, we can generate increased website traffic and drive brand conversions. Contact Us for more information on how we can assist you today. 

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