A Guide To Improved Marketing Outreach Services

Published on - November 19, 2020 by hesk-digital

With digital marketing and technology taking over the marketing industry; countless strategies are available for marketers and business owners to use to build their online presence and reach their advertising goals. A well-known strategy for digital marketers involves marketing outreach.

The question you might be asking is: What are marketing outreach services, and should you be engaging in the services?

Outreach Marketing is finding businesses and people who are interested in promoting your brand. With visibility becoming more difficult in a saturated online world, connecting to these people is an increasingly important part of a robust digital marketing strategy

At HESK Digital, we’ve researched some of the best techniques and strategies for you to learn and implement when it comes to building a successful marketing outreach plan.

What is Outreach Marketing?

Outreach Marketing is a strategy implemented by digital marketers, finding businesses and individuals who may be interested in your brand. When it comes to individuals, outreach marketing aims to increase your brand recognition, credibility and conversion rate. For businesses, it creates mutually beneficial relationships which allow your businesses to better achieve objectives and goals.

The majority of outreach marketing strategies involve using the email outreach method. This allows marketers to establish relationships with those individuals and businesses who can help increase the visibility of your brand. Establishing beneficial relationships with businesses, bloggers and influencers allow you to build authoritative backlinks to your content.

Using email as an outreach method is a common strategy used by marketers. However, there is a difference between Email Marketing and Outreach Marketing. When you do email marketing for your business, you are reaching out to potential leads, existing clients, users who visit your site and subscribed users. When you’re doing Outreach Marketing, you’re reaching out to your audience on social media and reaching out to businesses to promote your brand. 

By engaging in a well thought out strategy for your marketing outreach services; you can see the performance of your business improve and your content receiving an increasing amount of traffic. Outreach marketing is considered by many digital marketing experts as an extremely important and effective marketing strategy. So yes, you should be engaging in these services, provided you’re doing it right.

Of the overall outreach cold emails sent, 91.5% of cold emails are ignored by the receiver. This shows that only 8.5% of digital marketers and business owners know how to engage in outreach services effectively. This requires you to put in the effort when it comes to creating marketing outreach content in learning the correct strategies and techniques when it comes to your outreach strategy or your efforts are likely to fail.

Why is it important for your business?

All strategies which involve building your online presence and increasing the visibility and reputation of your brand are important for your business. Outreach marketing deals with SEO. While paid advertisements are a great way of showcasing your products and services, it is important to implement long term strategies to market your brand online. 

Not only does SEO related content assist with your ranks on Search Engines such as Google, it also increases the visibility and credibility of your brand to users on the web. This makes all SEO related strategies worthwhile for your business to take advantage of.

What are the benefits of doing Outreach Marketing?

There are several benefits associated with outreach marketing, especially for those small businesses who would like to increase their online presence and brand recognition. So what are they?

1. Improving the Visibility of your Brand

Outreach marketing will increase the visibility of your brand and your online presence. Through implementing a successful outreach strategy, you can create new relationships with blogs, influencers and businesses who promote your brand to their customer base. The more your products and services are promoted, the larger your audience becomes. This increases your global outreach and the amount of potential leads incoming to your site.

2. Improving the Credibility of your Brand

Word of mouth and third party recommendations are much more trusted as opposed to a brand speaking about their own products. When respected and credible bloggers and businesses promote your brand; you’re receiving a third party recommendation on your product. This results in an increase of traffic to your brand through backlinking to your content and landing pages. 

If users read that other well respected businesses, bloggers, individuals and influencers are recommending your product; the credibility of your brand will increase. As a result, more users trust your brand than before and you will see a higher potential of converting potential leads.

3. Improving Content Quality

To be successful when it comes to your outreach marketing efforts, you need to ensure that the content on your site is high quality. Otherwise, bloggers, other businesses, influencers and individuals won’t even consider promoting your content and brand. 

The better your content quality is, the more SEO benefits they will also incur by linking to you. This means your content has to be of high quality in general. It is a benefit to your business to ensure that content is always high quality. This includes an increase in authority from Google and increasing ranks on Search Engines.

4. Increasing the relevance of your Brand

When you do your research on potential outreach avenues and bloggers, influencers and businesses who may promote you; Choosing the right channels is crucial. Choosing one with high online visibility, social presence, and engagement with audiences will see their promotion of your brand to yield many benefits. As a result of authentic marketing and brand recommendations from high authority sources; you will see your brand becoming more relevant as a search result online.

5. Tailored marketing to your audiences

Differentiating yourself from your competitors when it comes to marketing campaigns can be tough in a highly competitive industry. Especially if you’re a small business. Outreach marketing allows you to take on a more personalised approach. Through adding a human touch to your ads and content online, potential leads and users online are more likely to connect with your brand. This means users will convert more frequently and develop brand loyalty.

6. Builds Beneficial Relationships

Through reaching out to other businesses and blogging sites, you can create some highly successful collaborations and establish a win-win relationship. If you’re a small business, combining your digital marketing resources with another business expands both of your customer bases. 

Growing your customer base whether you’re a large or small business is a common goal of all businesses. The more relationships that you build with non direct competitors, the faster your customer base will grow, seeing increased traffic to your site and more potential customers.

7. Gaining a competitive advantage

Outreach marketing done effectively will put you in the top 10% of successful campaigns. If you invest the time and implement the most effective techniques, you will gain a competitive advantage. As the digital marketing industry continues to develop, being the top rank on Google and ranking well, in general, is extremely competitive. 

Ensuring that you’re taking all the right steps to increase your online presence and SEO will assist with gaining a competitive advantage through your outreach efforts.

How to successfully engage in Outreach Marketing?

Enjoying the several benefits of outreach marketing requires you to implement the right strategies. Each digital outreach expert will advise you to do something specific and particular. We’ve put together all of the most useful and effective methods to do outreach marketing effectively.

1. Setting up your goals and objectives

When it comes to any type of digital marketing, having goals and objectives will allow you to find the best outreach marketing strategies that work for your brand. To find these, ask questions like

  1. Am I attempting to gain ‘’x’’ number of backlinks?
  2. Do I want to be doing an ‘’x’’ amount of guest posts?
  3. Am I trying to increase the traffic to my website by ‘’x’’ amount?

Determining what you’d like to achieve from outreach marketing allows you to understand whether you’re employing the right tactics. This becomes more important when it comes to measuring your progress and maintaining or changing your strategic plan.

2. Standout Headlines

As mentioned before, only 8.5% of cold emails are opened by the receiver. How do you make sure you’re one of the 8.5% who isn’t ignored? It’s quite simple. When you’re writing up an email, ensure that the subject line is engaging and stands out. This usually requires you to tailor your email to the receiver and write a personalised and relevant headline. 

An easy way to do this is through researching the organisation or brand you’re sending the email to. If it’s a blogger, before offering a deal such as a link to your content, it may be worthwhile complimenting their content or pointing out where a link may be broken or missing. Make your suggestion or offer based off of your comment on their work.

Writing non-personalised and generalised subject lines usually lands your email in the spam folder. Even if they make it to the primary inbox, if they’re dull and seem like an advertisement from the beginning, your outreach efforts will likely be ignored.

3. Promote Brand Value

After you’ve come up with your standout headline, you should be promoting the value of your brand. Make an irresistible offer, to form the start of a promotional relationship. Complimenting or raising an issue with the recipients content will gain their attention. Providing a solution to their issue will usually result in successful outreach efforts. 

Most marketers make the mistake of not incentivising their offer, asking for links with nothing in return. To establish a win-win situation where a relationship is formed between your brand and someone else’s, you should be proving a solution to an issue they may have. For example, they may be missing a link or could benefit from linking to similar content created by you.

4. Research The Industry

The only way to ensure that you’re consistently coming up with standout headlines is by researching. By creating new ideas which you can use in your subject outline and even the body of your outreach message, you can customise your message to each recipient. For example, researching an expert in your respective industry and where they usually share their information, and requesting that they feature on your site can be highly valuable to your business. Complimenting their efforts and labelling them an industry expert and requesting their time to answer a Q&A or share their insights on a relevant topic is an effective method of outreach marketing. They will likely be flattered and happy to form a relationship with your brand. 

There is more content being released on the internet every day available to users. This means that there is endless research for you to be doing. By being consistent with the amount of research you do and keeping it relevant to your brand, you can build the relevance of your brand, allowing you to associate your business with highly respected members in your industry.

5. Create Guest Posts

A strategy which is commonly missed by many marketers is blog outreach. This refers to offering your services on their blog page as a guest poster. If you write a tailored email and attach a draft of your content piece, a recipient is more than likely to accept your offer as they directly incur a benefit. You now have the opportunity to showcase high quality content to a wider customer base and backlink it to your brand. This improves your brand recognition and high authority links to your site. 

There are a few features that you should consider when choosing or constructing the perfect piece of content to attach to the email. Research what topics have already been spoken about and where there are gaps that you can fill. Finding a common theme is important to stay relevant to the industry, finding a theme which connects your brand to the blog your guest piece will be on is the best option. 

You should make sure that your draft piece is relevant to its topic and your keywords are also relevant. If your piece of work is not SEO friendly; it is more likely to harm the organisation you are completing your content for.

Through offering to create guests posts for another organisation, you are effectively putting your foot in the door. If you create high quality content for a blogger with a large user base, they may ask you to do more guest posts in the future, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between your brand and theirs. This results in continuous backlinks being built and more credibility and traffic to your site.

6. Receive Feedback From Users

Feedback is an underutilised form of outreach marketing. It can be very valuable to your brand if you consistently ask users for feedback. Most people like to be asked for their opinion on a brand’s product and services, it is a great way to outreach to users to start conversing. Particularly those who have not interacted with your brand much.

The feedback you receive, whether it’s positive or negative, is valuable because it allows you to understand where you need to improve your brand, site or content. By consistently asking for feedback, you can improve your products or services to maintain your audience. If there is a trend in the feedback you’re receiving, acting upon it may be the difference between losing return customers and potential customers and maintaining them.

While asking for feedback doesn’t sound like a marketing outreach strategy you should be prioritising; it is useful. Gaining insights on how you can improve your brand and what you’re doing well gets your customers thinking about what advantages your brand provides to users. This can later increase the traffic to your site if users are leaving reviews and talking positively about your brand.

7. Establish Community Presence

When it comes to marketing outreach, being known within your industry is valuable. When you engage in outreach through cold emails, if a recipient recognises your name, they are more likely to open your email and connect with you. In addition to this, online communities are full of industry experts, influencers, leaders and other like minded business owners. There are so many different channels and taking advantage of their outreach potential is beneficial for your business due to how niche they are.

So, how do you establish your community presence?

We suggest finding a community group which relates to your industry. For example, Inbound.org is a highly engaged community for the digital marketing industry. While the process may take time, building authority on an online community is worthwhile. There are actions you can take to build your community presence and become well known within your industry. 

a. Ask Community Questions

There are many question and answer threads available online. These come in the form of an ‘ask me anything’ thread where an industry expert answers questions posted by the online community.

They are popular due to how valuable they can be to users, as users can gain a lot from receiving useful information about their respective industry. You should find a community which is relevant to your industry and has a regular and active question and answer thread that is worthwhile to be a part of. 

Asking relevant and engaging questions will get an expert’s attention and will make your name noticeable overtime. This is especially useful if you would like to build a relationship with another industry expert or an influencer to promote your brand. 

b. Engage in Community Conversations

You should also join ongoing conversations within the community. While you should be attending questions and answers to become noticed by an industry expert; you can also give your insights on a thread to showcase your knowledge. The best way to build your reputation in any community is to showcase your knowledge and brand yourself as an industry expert through building credibility.

By providing useful, relevant and in-depth responses to ongoing discussions, you are building your name in a relevant community. Over time, this makes outreach marketing much easier as members of the community are more inclined to engage in a beneficial relationship with your brand if you are trusted and knowledgeable. 

Another benefit of building your presence on an online community involves members reaching out to you to form relationships. Instead of you having to go through all of the outreach efforts, you may start to see members in your industry requesting to do a guest post on your site instead. 

8. Creating Testimonials

Creating a testimonial is beneficial for your outreach and your SEO efforts. You can get the attention of an organisational leader from companies you are targeting by giving them a testimonial. Not only is it a simple method of producing something valuable to give to other business owners; it’s also great to get their attention.

If you want to build a relationship with another brand and benefit from growing one another’s customer base; creating a testimonial is worthwhile. Also, creating a high quality testimonial is great for your SEO. You can build high authority backlinks from testimonials and improve your ranking in general on Google.

9. Approach Influencers and Thought leaders

Get influencers and thought leaders talking about your brand to their customer base. A popular and effective method of doing this is by putting your name in front of an influencer’s audience and directing them back to you. So how can you do this?

Similar to a testimonial, you should choose a relevant company or influencer. The target market of the company should be the same as yours. Record a review in which you compliment and discuss the advantages of their product or service in detail. Then, reach out to the influencer or company and provide detailed information and feedback on your successful experience. Finally, this is where you give away high value content such as a guide to capture traffic.

This will get influencers and businesses sharing your review to their audiences. This form of outreach puts your brand out there to your target market as a reliable and credible source. Through providing an incentive, and providing valuable content, your outreach methods will be successful.

If you aim to build long-term relationships with other brands and influencers, so that you can work to grow each other’s customer bases, this is the strategy for you.

10. Prove Bran Credibility

No credible and well-established brand or industry expert is going to even consider working with a brand which is not trustworthy. Showing other businesses and experts that you want to work with that your brand is credible is vital to a successful outreach campaign.

After gaining their attention through your outreach strategy, you should talk about the accomplishments of your brand and your own in general. It’s important to be modest and treat a potential business relationship as equal to you by being interested in their work and acknowledging their accomplishments.

A good strategy to prove that your brand is credible and that your intentions are trustworthy is to link your work to theirs. If you can show off your credibility and find a link to an industry expert’s or a business owner’s work, they are more likely to be interested in working with you. 

10. Follow Up Your Outreach Efforts

A mistake that many marketers make is not following up on their marketing outreach efforts. It is recommended that you follow up multiple times if you’re trying to succeed in your outreach marketing efforts. However, it’s important that you don’t spam your recipients in an attempt to touch base with individuals, bloggers and businesses.

This requires you to have updated customer relationship management and create a sophisticated, follow up process. Reaching out to influencers and business owners regularly to touch base and follow up on the outreach efforts is vital for success. If you’re finding that your outreach strategy is not working, even after following up, you should assess what you’re doing wrong and employ a different technique.

By following up in a way that is not spammy, your recipients may be more inclined to have a genuine look at your offer and consider collaborating with your brand.

Measuring your Progress

If you’ve set up your goals and objectives, measuring the progress of your outreach efforts should be simple. There are metrics for each goal you set which allow you to measure how successful your efforts have been. For example, if your goal was to increase the number of backlinks to your site; you can use the number of links earned and increase/decrease in domain authority as a tool to measure your success.

The easiest way to keep track of your progress is through the effect of outreach marketing on your SEO. This will usually involve using all in one SEO software to access metrics such as the domain authority or click through rate. The most common all in one SEO software includes Ahrefs, Moz and Google Analytics. 

Improving and maintaining your outreach strategy is important for the success of your campaign. By using the results and data that have been presented to you, you may wish to change your goals and objectives or your outreach strategy to be better optimised. Take note that some outreach methods are more long term than others so it may take longer for you to see results. 


When it comes to digital marketing, nearly all outreach and SEO related strategies are beneficial in many ways to your brand. Whether you’re a small business or your brand is already well established, you should be engaging in outreach services.

There are many benefits associated with outreach marketing as discussed in this article. Take the time to understand how to effectively create an outreach campaign to continue to grow your brand.

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