7 Digital Marketing Tips For Christmas 2020

Published on - November 20, 2020 by hesk-digital

‘Tis Christmas season, get your business stockings ready!

It’s that time of the year when holiday cheer is in the air (and on all our screens). 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected. Despite this unpredictability of the year that has been, the holiday season will have a silver and gold lining for business owners over the world. The radical change in consumer and shopping behaviour has shaped a new trend of online shopping and relying on eCommerce for essentials and presents for loved ones.

According to Statistica, global eCommerce sales are predicted to reach $4.2 trillion by the end of 2020. With retail therapy on the decline due to the pandemic, the bulk of Christmas shopping is likely to take place through mobile screens, as most consumers will be spending the majority of their time on devices. It truly is a significant moment in the digital marketing space.

Digital marketers and businesses owners need to gear up for the holiday season. All types of businesses can leverage holiday marketing to gain organic traffic and leads. 

We at HESK Digital have curated the ‘7 Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas 2020’:  

1.Plan & Schedule Ahead

Last-minute emails and blog posts, posting on business profiles during family parties and hectic days before Christmas? No one wants these during the holiday season. Make your content and marketing campaigns weeks ahead of time (like right now).

Research data and trends from last Christmas. Use insights to create an impactful campaign for your current digital marketing landscape. Covid-19 has changed marketing strategies and has pushed the boundaries for eCommerce based businesses. Take this golden opportunity and plan a dedicated Christmas campaign with relevant strategies to reach out to your brand community. 

2. Spread Christmas Cheer

Spread holiday magic on your website and social media. Use simple tactics such as personalising your business logo and website with Christmas elements. Santa hats, trees, fairy lights, candy canes, the list of elements you can choose from is endless.

Tune your brand-consumer communication with website content and social media posts inspired by joyful melodies and cheerful humour. Your website is bound to get a lot of traffic during this season, so make sure your business website is Christmas-worthy for visitors; especially make sure it’s quick and easy to navigate to your Christmas specials.

Other fun ways to spread holiday cheer is to conduct special contests, influencer campaigns, giveaways, discounts etc. 

3. Create A Sense Of Urgency

The holiday season is two months, ranging from mid-November to mid-January. Utilise this to your benefit by creating a sense of ‘urgency’ through limited-time Christmas or Holiday discounts. 

You could also create gift guides for your store and pair multiple products together to create a quick and easy solution to your consumer’s last minute gifting crisis. Add countdowns to Christmas Day and clocks to push the urgency factor further. Offer attractive components such as free shipping or free consultation bookings during the holiday season.

‘Offer lasts’ or ‘offer ends’ messaging influences the consumer to make quicker purchase decisions to get the perfect deal or bargain. 

4. Make An Emotional Connection

Create an emotional bond with your new and potential customers. Holidays are a powerhouse of emotion and nostalgia. Holiday marketing strategies focused on creating connections with consumers succeed in both brand awareness and lead generation. 

Pay special attention to your tone of voice and messaging on social platforms and your website, share behind the scenes pictures of how your business is celebrating the holiday season. Show real faces to encourage your consumer to feel like they are a part of your family. 

5. Strategise SEO & PPC Christmas Campaigns

Use Search Engines to your advantage during the holiday season. As a significant amount of consumers will be ordering their Christmas wish lists online, investing in Pay Per Click campaigns will help drive traffic and leads. Keyword research will help find the most searched terms on Google during the holidays. Planning targeted campaigns on social media and search engines around these terms will help reach your target audience and similar buyer personas.

Paying attention to your SERP rankings and implementing common SEO techniques will help attract more Christmas traffic to your site. Thus, gifting you with quality leads and a higher ROI.

6. Team Up With Influencers, Businesses & Charities

Christmas is a holiday of giving and sharing. Team up to form partnerships with influencers and businesses to reach larger digital marketing audiences. Shared giveaways or contests help all stakeholders to gain digital visibility and site traffic. 

Influencer marketing is another crucial way of reaching new consumers. You get a chance to showcase your product or service range to a consumer base which trusts the personality you are collaborating with. 

As mentioned above, emotions and feelings power the holiday season. Try teaming up with charities and help them fundraise. You can donate a certain percentage of your earnings to charities, say you’ll match every sale with a fixed amount, or you can give your customers a chance to donate during checkout.

This will help you build your community and do some good in Covid-19 stricken world. 

7. Embrace Email Marketing

The holiday season is an overwhelming time mixed with work and personal errands. Despite spending time buying gifts or planning parties, people do check their emails. One of the best ways to attract your target market to your website is a carefully planned holiday-oriented email marketing strategy. 

You can offer your target consumer a variety of offers such as seasonal product launches, special editions and holiday discounts. A well designed emails with eye-catching headlines grab attention. Headlines such as ‘Free Shipping’ or ‘Today’s Offer’ helps create enticing emails for your holiday marketing plan.

You could also use email marketing for retargeting your customers. Initiating buying impulses through abandoned cart emails is an excellent way of retargeting customers previously interested in your products and services.  

Get your Santa caps and start building your very own holiday marketing strategy for 2020. The countdown to Christmas and New Year’s has begun.  Research what works the best for your market niche and start the process of making new connections.

This Christmas let your brand make a difference through digital storytelling, empathy and creativity. 

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