5 Tips for getting SEO Insights from Analytics

Published on - September 02, 2020 by hesk-digital

Here at HESK Digital, we strive to provide our clients with clear, actionable insights that work with their business goal. To do this, we make extensive use of analytics platforms, from basic Google Analytics implementations to custom platforms such as Snowplow. Today we take a look at a few tips to help you lift your analytics game. 

1. Viewing your analytics (Organic Search Traffic)

SEO insights from analytics increase awareness about your organic search traffic. HESK Digital provides just that through tips and increased knowledge of your traffic. By viewing your analytics on organic search traffic through channel grouping, you’re able to discover your segmented sources of traffic. From viewing your analytics, you will be able to find the keywords that drive the most traffic to your site, as well as what’s the most effective page and search engine.

2. How to find the quality of SEO traffic

The Assisted Conversions report found from your analytics provides you with the vital SEO insights to help you further improve. These statistics regarding the quality of SEO traffic your site is achieving, provide you with monthly comparisons of the direct conversions. This includes conversions attained from multiple visits and indirect searches. This SEO insight into your conversions allows you to find whether there has been an improvement or decline in the quality of your SEO traffic.

3. Allocating dollar values to Organic Traffic

This particular SEO insight comes in handy when you want to see physical evidence of how much it would cost to utilise keywords purchased through Google Ads and traffic. You can access these insights through navigating to Acquisition which conveys the number of impressions and clicks your site has received. It also shows you how effective your keywords and ads are, with their total dollar values, which is vital for creating effective marketing methods. HESK Digital ads are market leaders in SEO and Paid Search, making your life every so easy.

4. Finding delayed loading Page times

User experience is one of the main goals anyone should have to optimise their chances of creating positive conversions. Delayed loading page times can profoundly impact the user experience. If you have a quick loading page time, it tends to rank better. HESK Digital have the expertise in keyword and SEO rankings that will benefit you on another level.

5. Develop your Personalised SEO Dashboard 

HESK Digital adopts effective SEO practices that help you gain specific knowledge and practicality regarding further growing your site. Our experts at HESK Digital can assist you in developing your own personalised SEO Dashboard to make things simpler. A great way we can provide this is through utilising the built-in dashboard interface, showcasing your SEO and Google Analytics data. This is mostly an SEO strategy to rank for keywords, however a secondary function as a landing page is essential. At HESK Digital, we strive to provide you with the best outcomes, widening your opportunities of achieving conversions and organic traffic.

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