5 Saas Content Marketing Strategies

Published on - October 01, 2020 by hesk-digital

Are you struggling to gain an audience for your content? Sometimes there is no shortage of the content you may be creating but little to no audience. When it comes to marketing, promoting and distributing your content as effectively as possible is just as important as your content itself. 


Content Marketing Strategies

When using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, it can be very crowded content-wise. Here are five straightforward and practical steps to allow you to offer and distribute your content differently to the majority of content creators.


1. Utilising Social Media

Social media is the most popular method of promoting content. There is no shortage of marketers utilising social media as a promotional strategy. So how can you use it as part of a broader strategy?

Being creative is a large part of social media marketing. Making use of features such as GIFs, videos, and graphics will go a long way in catching the eye of everyday users. In addition, using a range of social media platforms will ensure that you are maximising your coverage.


2. Email as a marketing tool

A well-known and popular content marketing strategies includes using emails to distribute content in the form of a newsletter. Those who subscribe to your email list can be considered your most valued and loyal clients and audience. Sharing your content with your subscribers is always the best way to go.

When it comes to how you should utilise your emails, a simple trick is to segment your audience and send personalised newsletters to different segments. This can be location-based or even age-based. Also, ask for feedback! This allows you to understand what people want and make changes based on what people find most engaging.


3. The Online community

Joining and being an active member of a community that relates to your audience allows you to interact with an already engaged audience. Facebook groups, GrowthHackers, and Quora are all examples of groups which can be very useful for you to join and become active within.


4. Paid Advertising

Paying for content promotion will always have its benefits. Paid ads will guarantee that your content will reach an audience. When combining SEO and paid advertisements on platforms such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can increase your clicks and traffic.


5. Measuring your results

To ensure that your promotional strategies are worth your time, you need to measure your results. Some key performance indicators you should take into account when measuring your results include:

–   Clicks
–   Impressions
–   Conversion rate
–   Pageviews
–   Engagement
–   Click-through rate

These content marketing strategies will not only assist you with more effectively distributing your content but with measuring it too.


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