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Published on - June 30, 2020 by hesk-digital

If you’re at the start of your PPC journey, you can feel overwhelmed. There’s so much to learn!

Fortunately, though, talented developers across the globe have come up with tools that make the entire process more manageable. Their creations can help with everything, from choosing compelling ad copy to snooping on your competitors. 

Don’t be afraid to use PPC tools. They’re cheap, easy to install, and offer insights you just can’t get through traditional, manual methods. Plus, there’s a good chance that at least somebody in your industry is already using them.


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SEMRush is one of the most potent PPC tools available. It offers a bunch of features that supercharge your campaigns and improve your overall competitiveness. 

With the Display Advertising Tool, for instance, you can get an overview of your competitors’ Google Display Network strategies. It shows you who rivals are targeting and why giving you a heads-up on the type of users you should also approach. 

SEMRush also allows you to analyze your competitors’ display ads. You can see things like the total number of display ads they have, how many domains display their ads, and the ad formats they use. You can also drill down into data on the countries where your competitors are most active, revealing the most lucrative markets. 

The PPC tool’s key analytical components include the ability to sort competitor ads by their popularity, device, location, or time frame. See how your rivals promote their businesses and whether they’ve made any dramatic changes in the last month. And get metrics, like the average number of monthly keyword searches that result in competitors’ ads being displayed. 



Getting people to click PPC ads is just the first part of the process. Once they follow the link, you then have to provide relevant content that encourages them to buy. 

Unbounce is a tool PPC marketers can use to construct compelling landing pages in a matter of minutes. It offers more than 100 in-built templates, letting you build dozens of pages for specific products fast – great for e-commerce. 

You don’t have to be an experienced web developer to use it, either. Pretty much every element is just drag-and-drop, letting you build interfaces intuitively – no coding required. Furthermore, you can copy and paste between pages, again saving you time. 

It also comes with the all-important Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature for SEO, allowing pages to load up to 85 percent faster. And you have the option of adding scripts and pixels if customized features are an essential part of your sales funnel. 

Google-fonts and brand-matching tools come as standard. 

Google Analytics

PPC campaigns aren’t cheap. Thus, once you’ve set them up, you need to make sure that they perform. 

Google Analytics is the most potent and ubiquitous PPC marketing tool. It provides pretty much everything you need to measure the return on your PPC investment, letting you know whether you’re on the right track or not. 

As you might imagine, Google Analytics’ feature set is enormous. You can do a tremendous amount with this app. Here are just a few examples of its capabilities: 

  • Measure the ROI of your ad campaigns
  • Set up specific ad goals (things you want to happen as a result of your PPC advertising) and track them
  • Create reports that allow you to measure your success

If all this sounds a little intimidating, it shouldn’t. Google Analytics’ interface is surprisingly intuitive. And if you’re still a little unsure, the search giant provides in-house support for all business customers. 

For small businesses, the app is free. Larger enterprises should sign up for the Premium option. 

WordSteam Advisor


A lot of firms use WordPress to build their sites. Therefore, it makes sense for the same outfit to offer software that helps businesses get more from their online advertising. 

WordStream Advisors offers customers some pretty impressive benefits. Webmasters regularly see a 30 percent increase in conversions and a 44 percent increase in click-through rates when they use it, according to the brand.  

The developers sell the platform as a tool that can reduce the amount of time businesses spend optimizing their campaigns. Their “20-minute Work Week” promises to make time-consuming PPC tasks easy through a combination of account structure suggestions and one-click optimizations. 

The platform also sees itself as a one-stop-shop for advertisers, giving them all the tools that they need to build and manage their campaigns across multiple platforms. WordStream Advisors integrates Bing, Facebook, and Google Ads from a single dashboard, making multi-channel advertising a cinch. You can use it to create copy for all your channels and turn clicks into conversions with DIY pop-ups. There’s even a bunch of tracking features thrown in for good measure, making it easy for you to capture leads, sales, and calls coming through major advertising platforms. 

PPC Protect


PPC advertising is exceptionally slick and easy to set up. You just create ad copy, publish it on a platform, like Google Ads, and then wait for the leads to roll in. 

The vast majority of those clicks will be genuine people interested in what you have to offer. Some, though, could be bots, deliberately trying to sabotage your campaigns. 

PPC Protect is a tool that you can use to fight back against this type of activity. The service keeps a blacklist of malicious IP addresses (and competitor IPs) associated with PPC bot attacks. It uses smart analytics to determine whether a user is genuine or not. If it detects a malicious click from a suspicious source, it’ll stop it dead, preventing money from bleeding from your advertising account. 

The problem of ad fraud is serious. According to PPC Protect’s research, 40 percent of internet traffic is non-human. Therefore, weeding out the bots is a significant issue for any company planning on a PPC campaign. You must stop this threat in its tracks if you want a reasonable ROI. 

Feeling overwhelmed about Paid Search? Here at Hesk Digital, we have years of experience using the latest PPC tools, along with our own internal techniques. Drop us a line today and let us work out how we can take your online presence to new levels!

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