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Published on - April 14, 2020 by hesk-digital

As a business owner in 2020, you’re likely sick to the back teeth of hearing about search engine optimisation. The seemingly innocent term of SEO has a habit of appearing everywhere you turn and, we get it; the broken record advice can be tiresome. Sure, you want to boost your search engine rankings, but do you really need to focus so heavily on everything from content to website images? Can’t you just, you know, sneak your way up to that all-important first Google page?

We’re afraid not. While paid Google Ads can see you at the top of those listings, few things are better than high organic rankings for opening you up to the 95% of web traffic that doesn’t leave Google’s first search page. And, as you’ve probably guessed by now, getting SEO just right is the only and best way to make that happen. Not to mention that improved SEO rankings ensure you can secure even those ad hotspots for less when you do go to auction!

With this in mind, you should be doing everything you can to achieve search engine optimisation. That means relevant content (complete with quality links), keyword utilisation, and proper usage of images across your website. It may even mean seeking help with digital marketing from an outside source that knows precisely what it takes to get SEO right at last. And, of course, implementing a few free SEO tools to help you along the way can’t hurt either.

Whether you’re seeking professional SEO help or not, there are a great many fantastic and free SEO tools out there, any number of which could well help to keep your efforts here on the straight and narrow. To prove the worth of options like these, we’re going to look at five of the best free offerings, and consider what each could do for you.

# 1 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics Free SEO Tools

Given that SEO starts and ends with Google, it makes sense that the first free tool that deserves mention on our list is Google Analytics itself. Any companies with an online presence should already be familiar with this little gem, but let’s recap what it can do for you just in case you somehow missed the memo.

In simple terms, Google Analytics is what it says on the tin. This is an intelligent machine learning-led analytics platform that’s directly linked to Google itself and covers everything from keyword insights to how many people are landing on your page due to your current search ranking. 

While they may seem like an SEO afterthought, analytics like these are vital for perfecting your search focus at last. Not only do they show you what’s working where SEO is concerned, but they also allow you to compare analytics alongside your business goals and focuses to make improvements that take you even further up that search ranking ladder. Hence why 4,281,396 companies already use this platform and why you could benefit from doing the same.

# 2 – Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed

The Google offerings don’t end there, either. The search giant is so focused on only displaying the best sites going that they also offer a page speed checker that could prove invaluable for SEO improvements. After all, 43% of people would openly abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load, meaning that a high click-away rate alone would soon stop you from reaching the SEO hall of fame.

This Google tool comes to the rescue by helping you not only understand the speed of your site as it stands against your competitors but also to grasp how exactly you can improve the situation. Even better, this platform literally couldn’t be simpler to use. All you need to do is enter your page URL into the supplied box, and Google will take care of the rest for you.

You’ll be provided with a ‘speed score,’ which then directly allows you to analyse your performance against others within your industry. For example:

  • 90+ means your site is faster than average
  • 50-90 means your speed is average
  • Below 50 means that your website is slow

If you’re in the average or below categories, the tool also provides a wide range of suggestions for improvements, including changing to a private server or reducing your ads. These are benefits that no business can shake a stick at, especially since mobile searches with speed have come increasingly to the fore in SEO focuses.

# 3 – Copyscape


While page speed undeniably matters, content has overtaken pretty much all else when it comes to getting SEO just right. This is, after all, the ideal way to prove relevance, and utilise those all-important keywords that ensure you appear in more targeted searches. Hence why around 36% of Fortune 500 companies alone have blogs.

Sadly, just setting up a blog and posting poorly planned or even copied content will harm your SEO more than it helps. And, that’s where Copyscape comes in. As the title suggests, this free tool allows you to check all written content against the majority of sites elsewhere online. By simply entering your URL into the search bar, you can, therefore, ensure that your content is 100% original before you send it out into the world.

As well as drastically improving your SEO ranking, this effort alone can help you to stay on the right side of the law at all times. And, we’re sure you’ll agree that’s a business goal well worth working towards.

# 4 – Check My Links

Check My Links

As you likely already know, writing relevant content isn’t all that it takes to climb the SEO ladder. Success here also relies on your ability to provide backdated and external links that provide increased value to any visitors. In fact, experts go as far as to say that external links are the most essential ranking power available to you, given that Google sees them as a kind of third-party recognition of your site.

While companies could once get away with stuffing any old link they liked into their content, Google has spent the last few years ensuring that links are verified and relevant before they can help in the SEO landscape. And, free tools like Check My Links are vital for guaranteeing that.

As the name suggests, this Chrome extension will quite literally check your links in any written document. Most notably, the tool ensures that you’re always able to identify and remove broken links before you send them out to do any SEO damage.

There are, of course, a range of such tools available, many of which are free, but you could argue that the easy use of Check My links give it something of an edge. Rather than requiring you to copy and paste every link that you’re using by hand, Check My Links will automatically highlight links as you add them to your content, with green meaning everything’s ready to go, and red obviously indicating problems.

 # 5 – BrowseSEO

BrowseSEO Free SEO Tools

Last but not least, we have Browse SEO. By taking things back to basics, this web app literally helps you to see your site as a search engine would. In other words, it removes all the styling and unnecessary stuff that Google probably wouldn’t be interested in and instead helps you get right to the heart of SEO by highlighting exactly what’s relevant.

This can be fantastic for not only seeing SEO features without the fancy stuff, but also highlighting the hierarchy you’ve given to specific focuses, perhaps without even realising it. With this tool to hand, you can, therefore, shift your SEO priorities to meet your underlying business goals better. At the very least, revisiting this tool whenever necessary can help you to develop an improved strategy that sees you to SEO success at last.

Which tool is right for you?

As you can see, any number of these free seo tools would be incredibly useful to your SEO efforts overall. That said, this is just a handful of the countless free tools that you could consider to boost your site in the long-term. As such, it also pays to think about which tools would best serve your purpose. Some of the top ways you can do that include – 

  • Considering your resources
  • Thinking about your needs
  • Considering scope
  • Focusing on the features you’re looking for
  • Getting help with implementation

Send your SEO soaring with free SEO tools just like these

Ultimately, utilising free tools like these has the power to send your SEO soaring, especially if you do so alongside a professional SEO service that can ensure the correct implementation and changes off the back of your efforts.

As though their upfront benefits alone aren’t enough, it’s also worth noting that tools like these bring the plus-point of regular updates off the back of seemingly endless Google changes. As such, entrusting them to give you a helping hand could be one of the best ways to make sure that your SEO game is on top form with current regulations at all times.

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